CBA releases basketball teaching courses, cba basketball lessons, some player stars appear _1

CBA releases basketball teaching courses
CBA released basketball teaching courses. Some star players appeared in cba basketball classes. Yesterday, the CBA league officially launched CBA a fresh basketball class. This is the first time the CBA league has released the official basketball teaching courses. Guo Ailun, Hu Mingxuan, Wang Shaojie, Shen Zijie, Zhai Xiaochuan and other CBAThe stars have brought their own secret skills.  The first course was participated by Liaoning team star Guo Ailun. He will combine his actual combat case on the field to analyze and explain his own European step movements. The signboard action at the bottom of the box is decomposed by frame by frame, all-round, Multi-angle, multi-site display.In addition, fans and fans can challenge Guo Ailun in the form of short videos.  In addition to Guo Ailun, Hu Mingxuan, Wang Shaojie, Shen Zijie, Zhai Xiaochuan and other CBA star courses will also be launched one after another, bringing their own basketball skills.A CBA fresh basketball lesson will be broadcast on CCTV, Migu Video, Tencent Sports, Youku Sports and other platforms to meet the content needs of the fans and basketball fans during the outbreak.  The course is filmed and recorded by a professional team. In addition to the 3-minute professional version, a 1-minute entertainment version is launched each time, and the team style and city culture are displayed through scene arrangements. Original title: CBA League releases basketball teaching courses

F1 Bahrain sub-score-Vettel 6.6 seconds advantage to win

F1 Bahrain sub-score: Vettel 6.6 seconds advantage to win
Vettel won the second championship of the season at the F1 Bahrain substation. The race in this station is quite exciting, but the completion rate of the race is not high. In the end, only 13 drivers completed the race, including Alonso.Most of the other seven drivers in the car quit because of a malfunctioning car.  Rank (points) starting sequence Drivers Team Results 1 (25) 3 Vettel Ferrari 1h33:53.3742 (18) 2 Hamilton Mercedes +6.63 (15) 1 Botas Mercedes +20.34 (12) 5 Raikkonen Ferrari +22.45 (10) 4 Ricardo Red Bull +39.36 (8) 8 Massa Williams +54.37 (6) 18 Perez Force India +62.68 (4) 9 Grosjean Haas +74.89 (2) 7 Hulkenberg Reynolds +80.110 (1) 14 Aokang Force India +95.71113 Wilhelm Sauber +1 lap 1211 Kovyat Red Bulls second team +1 lap 1310 Palmer Reno +1 lap 1415 Alonso McLaren exit 159 Eriksson Sauber exit 1616 Sainz Red BullSecond team exit 1718 Stoll Williams exit 186 Vestapan Red Bull exit 1920 Magnussen Haas exit 2017 Van Donne McLaren exit

Beijing’s well-known Tsinghua Pool clarification: has nothing to do with Shulan’s Tsinghua Bath

Beijing’s well-known Tsinghua Pool clarification: has nothing to do with Shulan’s “Tsinghua Bath”
On May 15, Jilin Shulan urgently sought out residents who had visited the Tsinghua Bath.After the notice was issued, Tsinghua Chi, a well-established Beijing company, received many calls from customers asking about the matter.To proceed, Beijing Tsinghua Pool stated through its WeChat public account: Tsinghua Pool, a century-old brand in Beijing, has nothing to do with Tsinghua Bath in Shulan City, Jilin Province.On May 14th, Shulan City, Jilin Province issued an emergency notice: Anyone who visited Tsinghua Bath from April 1 (Wednesday) to May 6 (Wednesday) 2020, immediately segregated themselves fromFrom the day of passing the Tsinghua Bath, strict 21-day home quarantine is implemented.Picture / Tsinghuachi WeChat public account screenshot At 20:58 on May 15th, Beijing ‘s long-established brand Tsinghua Pool issued a statement on its official WeChat public account saying that Beijing ‘s century-old brand Tsinghua Pool has nothing to do with Tsinghua Bath in Shulan City, Jilin Province. Tsinghua PoolSince the prevention of epidemic diseases in mid-April, pedicure, pedicure, moxibustion and other health care services have been restored, and single-room individual treatment services have been strictly implemented.”At present, Tsinghua Chi, a century-old Beijing brand, is strictly in accordance with the requirements of the existing government for epidemic prevention.All employees are continuing their efforts to provide people with safe and secure health services.”Picture / Screenshot of Tsinghua Chi WeChat public account Tsinghua Chi was established in 1905 as a well-known enterprise in Beijing, and” Tsinghua Chi Traditional Pedicure “is a representative project of the national intangible cultural heritage.Sauna, Yewang learned that Tsinghua Chi currently has only Tsinghua Chi Hufang Road stores in Beijing, and many Tsinghua Chi Caishikou stores.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Ping editor Li Yang proofread He Yan

2014 Badminton World Championships-Chen Long defeated Li Zongwei and won the men’s singles championship for the first time (picture)_1

2014 Badminton World Championships-Chen Long defeated Li Zongwei and won the men’s singles championship for the first time (picture)
Beijing time, September 1, news, 2014 World Badminton Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark ended the men’s singles finals, Chen Long wished to win his first world championship.In the final against top seed Li Zongwei, Chen Long defeated Li Zongwei with two 21-19 wins after an hour and 8 minutes of hard work. Chen Long won the World Championship singles championship for the first time, and the Chinese team also achieved 7 consecutive championships in the World Championship men’s singles.  The top two seeds of the tournament, Li Zongwei and Chen Long, met in the men’s singles final. The two met 17 times in the international arena, and Li Zongwei’s 9 wins and 8 losses slightly prevailed.This year, the two men played 3 games. Chen Long had 1 win and 2 losses. One of the defeats was the final of the All England Open.After the start of the game, the two surrounded the fight, and the game evenly scored. Li Zongwei had led by 2 points, but Chen Long quickly overtake.After 9 draws, Chen Long resisted the steady defense to block Li Zongwei’s offensive. The slightly impatient Li Zongwei turnovers increased, and Chen Long scored 4 points to lead 13-9.  After achieving a 16-11 lead, Chen Long relaxed somewhat, Li Zongwei continued to speed up, he set off a climax and successfully chased 19 levels.At the critical moment, Chen Long proposed to change the ball, he scored an important point to get the game.The two sides formed a multi-shot competition and fought a small ball in front of the net. Chen Long used the rhythm change to get a chance in front of the net. He seized the opportunity to blockade and kill in front of the net. 21 to 19.  After the start of the second game, Chen Long led 2-1. He returned to the sideline and the referee awarded a penalty out of bounds. Chen Long challenged Hawkeye.Slow motion showed that the ball was fully pressed on the line, and Chen Long led 3-1.After Li Zongwei’s attack was not sharp enough, Chen Long seized the opportunity and took two points to expand his advantage to 5 points.After the score was 10-4, Li Zongwei obviously strengthened the offense. He also paid attention to the changes in the offense. After killing the ball, he chose to release the net to mobilize Chen Long.Chen Long withstood the pressure and scored 1 point. He led 11 to 9 and scored 2 points to break into the inning.  Back on the court, Li Zongwei set off an offensive, and he tied evenly with two points.Chen Long then scored a two-point lead, but Li Zongwei won by three points in a row.Chen Long, who lost his lead, did not panic. He quickly responded with 3 points and regained the lead with 17-15.Both sides scored 1 point, Chen Long had a good chance to expand the score, but he was eager to throw the ball in the backcourt but instead made a mistake, Li Zongwei trailed 17-18.At this time, Long’s attack was more determined, relying on the bottom line to jump up and attack brilliantly, he led again by 2 points.Li Zongwei regained one more point, but Chen Long scored another point after resisting the tenacious defense to win the counterattack after multiple shots. 20 to 18, his championship point appeared.  Li Zongwei withstood the pressure to resolve the first crisis. He was good at killing his head with his head, 19 to 20.At this time, the goddess of fortune stood on the side of Chen Long. He put a small ball in front of the net and a lucky roll of tennis. Li Zongwei panicly rescued the ball. Chen Long closed the net and was 21 to 19. Chen Long scored the match point to 20 defeated Li Zongwei to win the world championship for the first time. After winning the game, Chen Long excitedly ran to the sidelines and embraced with coach Xia Xuanze. Afterwards, he knelt down to celebrate the victory.(Chimera)

Four NBA teams contact Mudiay to participate in trial training

Four NBA teams contact Mudiay to participate in trial training
According to US media Hoops Rumors, as the 2015 NBA Draft is approaching (June 26, Beijing time), the 2015 high-quality rookies are also getting more attention.Mudieer, a former foreign aid from the Guangdong team who played for the CBA last season, is considered to be one of the most attractive rookies. For this reason, many teams also hope that he can come to the trial training.Moody’s highly optimistic    insiders revealed that the teams that currently hold the top four picks in the draft-the Timberwolves, Lakers, 76ers and Knicks have all contacted Moody’s agents.However, the time for Moody’s trial training for these four teams has not yet been determined.It is reported that Mudia will only participate in the trial training of these four teams in early June.  Although widely regarded as the best point guard of the 2015 rookie, Moody’s draft pick does not guarantee a high position.According to ESPN draft expert Chad Ford, Mudiay’s draft pick may slip to the sixth round of the first round or even later.  During the interactive chat with fans, some fans asked if Ford Mudiay might slip to the sixth overall pick in the first round and be selected by the Kings?For the question of fans, Ford’s answer is yes.  Immediately after, Ford said: I think he might be selected as the 2nd pick (Lakers), 3rd pick (76ers), 4th pick (Knicks) or 6th pick.(Kings).  Ford revealed that some teams have hinted to me that Mudiay’s draft pick may decline even worse.However, Ford believes: I think this may also be a strategy of the team. The reason they will do this is to hope that Mudiar can participate in more team trials.  But the fact is that because Mudier skipped college and started the professional league last season, there are few opportunities for American scouts or managers to see live games, so Mudier is also considered a high-risk rookie.  Mudiere is more of a high-risk, higher-reward player. A senior NBA scout said it was hard to predict how good he would become.  At the same time, NBA television commentator Stu Jackson also commented on Moody.Jackson said: Mudiay’s physical fitness is very good, he is very fast and very agile.He can change gears like many good point guards, and his vision is very good.

2017 World Women’s Volleyball Grand Prix Branch Race Results China Women’s Volleyball Schedule_1

2017 World Women’s Volleyball Grand Prix Branch Race Results
The 2017 World Women’s Volleyball Grand Prix was unveiled on July 7th. The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Substation took part in the competition of China’s Kunshan Station in the first week. The opponents included the United States, Russia, and Italy; the second week participated in the competition in Macau. The opponents included the United States, Italy,Turkey; in the third week of the contest in Hong Kong, opponents include Serbia, Russia, Japan.The finals will be held in Nanjing Antiques on August 2-6, and the host Chinese women’s volleyball team will be shortlisted for the finals.  The following are the results of the first stage of the 2017 World Women’s Volleyball Grand Prix: Group A1 Turkey Ankara Race Date Beijing Time Results July 7 21:30 Turkey 0-3 Serbia (19-25/17-25/15-25) July 8th 00:30 Belgium 0-3 Brazil (22-25/23-25/18-25) July 8th 21:30 Brazil 0-3 Serbia (19-25/20-25/19-25) July 9th 00:30 Turkey 3-1 Belgium (23-25/25-20/25-20/25-16) July 9th 21:30 Serbia 3-0 Belgium (25-18/25-18)/ 25-18) July 10 00:30 Turkey 2-3 Brazil (26-24/17-25/18-25/25-22/13-15) Group B1 China Kunshan Station match date Beijing time result 7July 7th 15:00 United States 3-2 Russia (22-25/25-19/25-27/25-16/15-11) July 7th 19:30 China 3-1 Italy (25-20/20-25/25-23/25-20) July 8th 15:00 Italy 0-3 United States (21-25/22-25/19-25) July 8th 19:30 China 3-2 Russia (24-26/25-21/16-25/27-25/16-14) July 9 at 15:00 Russia 2-3 Italy (21-25/29-27/26-24/24-26/10–1015) July 9 19:30 China 0-3 United States (22-25/22-25/21-25) Group C1 Holland Apeldoorn Station Date of match Beijing time July 8 00:30 Netherlands 3-0 Dominica (25-21/25-19/25-21) July 8 03:30 Japan 3-2 Thailand (25-19/18-25/25-14/22-25/15-9)July 9th 00:30 Netherlands 3-0 Thailand (25-20/26-24/25-16) July 9th 03:30 Dominica 3-1 Japan (25-20/25-19/24-26/29-27) July 10th 00:30 Netherlands 2-3 Japan (25-17/25-21/18-25/22-25/9-15) July 10th 03:30 Thailand 1-3 Dominica (22-25/25-22/22-25/18-25) D1 Group Japan Sendai Race Date Beijing Time Results July 14 14:40 Brazil 3-0 Serbia (26-24/25-17/25-22) July 14Sunday 18:10 Japan 3-1 Thailand (25-19/17-25/25-18/25-19) July 15th 13:10 Japan 0-3 Serbia (21-25/20-25/20-25) July 15 16:10 Brazil 0-3 Thailand (22-25/21-25/27-29) July 16 12:15 Japan 3-2 Brazil (25-22/26-24/19-25 / 20-25/17-15) 15:10, July 16, Serbia 3-1, Thailand (25-17/23-25/25-16/25-19) Group E1 China Macau Station Match Date Beijing Time Results 716:00 on the 14th of the United States 3-1 Turkey (25-21 / 24-26 / 25-19 /25-12) July 14 20:00 China 0-3 Italy (19-25 / 22-25 / 21-25) July 15th 14:30 United States 2-3 Italy (22-25/25-22/21-25/25-13/13-15) July 15th 17:00 China 3-1 Turkey (25-23/19-25/25-23/25-23) July 16th 13:00 Italy 3-0 Turkey (25-13/25-20/25-14) July 16th 15:30 China 3-2 United States (25-27 / 25-23 / 25-21 / 23-25 / 15-11) F1 Group Russia Kaliningrad Station match date Beijing time results July 14 22:40 Netherlands 3-0 Belgium (25-22 / 25-19 / 25-21)7月15日01:10俄罗斯3-1多米尼加 (16-25 / 25-23 / 25-21 / 25-14)7月15日22:40荷兰3-2 Dominica (23-25/22-25/25-22/25-23/15-8) July 16 01:10 Russia 3-0 Belgium (26-24/25-14/25-22) 722:40 on 16th Dominican Republic 3-2 Belgium (25-13/21-25/25-21/18-25/15-11) July 17th 01:10 Russia 0-3 Netherlands (18-25/22-25/16-25) G1 Group Hong Kong China match date Beijing time results July 21st 18:30 Serbia 3-0 Russia (26-24/25-14/25-19) July 21st 21:00China 3-1 Japan (25-19/25-20/33-35/25-21) July 22 13:15 Japan 3-2 Serbia (21-25/20-25/ 25-23 / 25-20 / 15-12)7月22日15:45中国vs俄罗斯7月23日13:15日本vs 俄罗斯7月23日15:45中国vs塞尔维亚H1组 泰国曼谷站比赛日期北京时间赛果7月21日16:00意大利3-1土耳其(25-17 / 20-25 / 25-21 / 32-30)7月21日19:00泰国2-3多米尼加 (25-17 / 21-25 / 26-twenty four / 21-25 / 7-15) July 22 16:00 Italy vs Dominica July 22 19:00 Thailand vs Turkey July 23 16:00 Dominica vs Turkey July 23 19:00 Thailand vs Italy Group I1 Brazil Cuiabá match date Beijing time result July 21st 03:05 Brazil 3-0 Belgium (28-26/25-19/25-20) July 21st 05:10United States 3-1 Netherlands (25-15/23-25/28-26/25-21) July 22 03:05 Brazil 3-1 Netherlands (25-17/25-14/18-25/25-19) July 22nd 05:10 United States 3-1 Belgium (25-14/16-25/25-19/26-24) July 23th 22:10 Brazil vs United States July 24th 00:15 Belgium vs NetherlandsThe following are the results of the second stage of the 2017 World Women’s Volleyball Championship: Group A2 Bulgaria Ruse Station Date of match Beijing time July 7 21:40 Korea 3-1 Germany (19-25 /25-23 / 25-18/25-23) July 8 01:10 Bulgaria 3-0 Kazakhstan (25-22/25-19/25-14) July 8 21:40 Germany 3-0 Kazakhstan (25-13/ 25-21/25-17) July 9 01:10 Bulgaria 3-2 Korea (20-25/25-15/25-14/22-25/15-8) July 9 21:40 Kazakhstan0-3 Korea (12-25/19-25/14-25) July 10 01:10 Bulgaria 2-3 Germany (22-25/25-20/20-25/25-17/13-15)Group B2 Argentine Neuquen match date Beijing time results July 8th 05:10 Croatia 0-3 Poland (10-25/9-25/18-25) July 8th 08:10 Argentina 0-3 Canada(18-25/14-25/20-25) July 9 at 03:00 Poland 3-0 Canada (25-22/25-9/25-23) July 9 at 06:00 Argentina 2-3 SyriaLeah (25-20/28-30/25-15/22-25/14-16) July 10 03:00 Canada 3-1 Syria (23-25/25-11/25-10/25-18) July 10 06:00 Argentina 0-3 Poland (21-25/19-25/14-25) Group C2 Peru Chiclayo Station match date Beijing time results July 8 05:35 Czech Republic 3-0Colombia (25-23/25-21/25-20) July 8th 08:05 Peru 3-1 Puerto Rico (17-25/25-15/25-19/25-21) July 9th 04:0535 Puerto Rico 1-3 Czech Republic (20-25/28-26/21-25/18-25) July 9 07:05 Peru 3-0 Colombia (25-15/25-21/26-24) July10th 05:35 Puerto Rico 0-3 Colombia (16-25/12-25/24-26) July 10th 08:05 Peru 1-3 Poland (24-26/25-21/22-25/23-25) Czech D2 group Kazakhstan Almaty station match date Beijing time results July 14 16:10 Colombia 3-1 Colombia (25-22/25-27/25-19/25-20) July 1419:10 Kazakhstan 1-3 Germany (25-20/18-25/17-25/21-25) July 15 16:10 Syria 0-3 Germany (24-26/15-25/6-6-25) July 15th 19:10 Kazakhstan 1-3 Colombia (21-25/25-20/25-27/16-25) July 16th 16:10 Germany 3-0 Colombia (25-16/25-16/25-23) July 16, 19:10 Kazakhstan 3-1 Colombia (25-22/22-25/25-20/25-15) Group E2 Poland Ostrovitz Station match date Beijing timeResults July 23rd 23:25 Argentina 0-3 Korea (25-27/22-25/8-25) July 15th 02:25 Poland 3-1 Peru (22-25/25-17/27-25/27-25) July 15 23:25 South Korea 3-0 Peru (26-24/27-25/25-15) July 16 02:25 Poland 3-0 Argentina (25-10/26-24/25-15) July 16 23:25 Peru 3-1 Argentina (25-18/18-25/25-23/25-19) July 17 02:25 Poland 1-3 South Korea (26-24 / 23-25/19-25/24-26) F2 Group Puerto Rico San Juan Station Date of match Beijing time July 15th 05:10 Czech 3-2 Bulgaria (25-27/25-20/12-25/ 25-14 / 15-9)7月15日08:10波多黎各 3-2加拿大(25-20 / 25-21 / 22-25 / 20-25 / 15-13)7月16日05:10保加利亚 3-1 Canada (15-25/30-28/31-29/25-21) July 16 08:10 Puerto Rico 3-0 Czech Republic (25-20/25-21/25-17) July 17 03:10 Czech 3-2 Canada (25-22/18-25/16-25/25-23/15-11) July 17th 06:10 Puerto Rico 3-2 Bulgaria (26-24/22-25/25-18/33-35/15-7) G2 Group Korea Suwon Station match date Beijing time result July 21st 15:00 Korea 3-0 Kazakhstan July 21st 18:00 Colombia 0-3 Poland July 22Sunday 13:00 South Korea 3-0 Colombia July 22 15:30 Poland vs Kazakhstan July 23 13:00 South Korea vs Poland July 23 15:30 Kazakhstan vs Colombia H2 Group Croatia Varazhdin raceDate Beijing Time Results July 21 23:00 Bulgaria 1-3 Puerto Rico July 22 02:00 Croatia 1-3 Argentina July 22 23:00 Puerto Rico vs Argentina July 23 02:00 Croatia vs Bulgaria 7Date: January 23rd 23:00 Bulgaria vs Argentina July 24th 02:00 Croatia vs Puerto Rico Group I2 Richmond Station Canada Date of match Beijing time results July 22 09:10 Canada 0-3 Germany July 22 11:10Peru 1-3 Czech July 23rd 03:40 Canada vs Peru July 23rd 05:40 Czech Republic vs Germany July 24th 03:40 Canada vs Czech July 24th 05:40 Germany vs Peru The following is the 2017 worldWomen’s Volleyball Awards Third Stage Results: A3 Group Mexico Aguascalientes Race Date Beijing Time Results July 8th 07:00 Ukraine 3-0 Trinidad and Tobago (25-21 / 25-20/25-16) July 8th 09:00 Mexico 3-1 Australia (22-25/25-22/25-18/25-23) July 9th 07:00 Australia 1-3 Iraq(17-25/21-25/27-25/19-25) July 9 09:00 Mexico 3-1 Trinidad and Tobago (22-25/25-17/25-19/25-10) July 10th 07:00 Australia 3-0 Trinidad and Tobago (25-20/25-12/25-23) July 10th 09:00 Mexico 0-3 ovary(21-25 / 22-15 / 18-25) B3 Group Cameroon Yaounde Station Date of match Beijing time July 7 23:00 France 3-2 Venezuela (24-26 / 25-12 / 19-25 / 25-21/15-10) July 8 01:51 Cameroon 3-0 Algeria (25-22/25-11/25-22) July 8 23:00 France 3-0 Algeria (25-14 / 25-11/25-19) 09:00 July 9 Cameroon 0-3 Venezuela (20-25/22-25/15-25) July 9 23:00 Algeria 0-3 Venezuela (15-25 / 17-25/15-25) July 10 01:00 Cameroon 1-3 France (16-25/27-25/19-25/16-25) Group C3 Venezuela Caracas Station match date Beijing timeResults July 04:00, Mexico 0-3 Maryland (14-25/20-25/13-25) July 15, 07:00 Venezuela 3-0 Algeria (28-26/25-18/25-18) 06:00 on July 16 Algeria 0-3 Maryland (7-25/9-25/16-25) 07:00 on July 16 Venezuela 3-0 Mexico (25-22/25-22/25-23) July 17th 04:00 Mexico 3-0 Algeria (25-19/25-20/25-19) July 17th 07:00 Venezuela 0-3 Iraq (18-25/19-25/23-25) D3 Group Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain Race Date Beijing Time Results July 15 05:30 Cameroon 0-3 France (21-25/22-25/23-25) July 1508:00 Trinidad and Tobago 3-1 Australia (16-25/25-17/26-24/25-17) July 16 05:30 Cameroon 3-1 United States (19-25/25-21/25-15/25-19) July 16, 08:00 Trinidad and Tobago 0-3 France (20-25/22-25/20-25) July 17 05:30France 3-2 Australia (17-25/25-18/25-23/24-26/15-12) July 17th 08:00 Trinidad and Tobago 2-3 Cameroon (18-25/ 25-18 / 17-25/ 25-18/10-15) Original title: List of 2017 World Women’s Volleyball Awards Station Race Results

2017 Hanma champion list Chinese player Li Zicheng sixth (continuously updated)

2017 “Hanma” champion list Chinese player Li Zicheng sixth (continuously updated)
The 2017 Wuhan Marathon started shooting at 7:30 on the morning of April 9, and 22,000 runners from home and abroad participated in this international event.The event is a marathon (42.195 kilometers), half marathon (21.0975 kilometers), 13 kilometers running (about 13 kilometers).This year’s Wuhan Marathon follows the track features that present city landmarks and core sections to global runners, allowing them to fully appreciate Wuhan’s profound historical and cultural heritage and magnificent natural landscapes while running.  Zacria, the No. 008 player from Morocco, won the Wuhan Marathon men’s championship with 2 hours, 13 minutes and 51 seconds, and Ethiopian No. 099 player Yiji Jiayehu won the Wuhan Marathon with 2 hours, 34 minutes and 18 secondsIn the women’s category, the Chinese runner-up won the runner-up Li Zicheng, ranking sixth overall.Further reading: Wuhan Marathon loosened its run, Uganda player Kate Ridge won the “Hanma” half-horse championship 2017 Wuhan Marathon Hanma half-horse championship produced a result of 1 hour 5 minutes 7 seconds 2017 Wuhan Marathon live broadcast address 29 countries2.20,000 players participated

23-year-old swimming world champion Zhao Jing got married and kept a low profile husband’s profile secret_1

23-year-old swimming world champion Zhao Jing got married
Minnan News March 17 yesterday, Wang Ping, a CCTV special swimmer, reproduced on Weibo that Hubei national swimming world champion Zhao Jing was married.On this important day of life, Zhao Jing appeared in a white tube top wedding dress, and the Olympic champion as a bridesmaid also attracted a lot of attention.Although still a “post-90s”, Zhao Jing entered the marriage hall this year. Due to the low-key treatment of her feelings, her big marriage is also a surprise for people who do not know the inside, even her wishful thinking.Related information is difficult to find on the Internet.Zhao Jing (right) and her husband are famous backstroke players. Zhao Jing was born on December 31, 1990 and won the women’s 50m backstroke championship in both the 2009 and 2013 World Championships, but the only women’s 100 won in the London OlympicsSixth place in the backstroke.After the defeat of the London Olympics, Zhao Jing’s father hoped that his daughter would bring the Olympic gold medal back with her boyfriend in 2016.

Chinese boxer fight ONE Championship Taiwan Huang detective Lingxiu rare surrender technique

Chinese boxer fight ONE Championship Taiwan Huang detective Lingxiu rare surrender technique
On December 2, by D88.The ONE Championship brought by COM to everyone started in Manila, and a number of Chinese boxers went out.The first Chinese teenager Xie Bin lived up to expectations, and the three rounds ended to win.Liu Pengshuai lost to his opponent in three innings and lost the match.Taiwan’s undefeated Queen Huang Zhenling, under the unfavorable situation in the first round, ended her opponent with a rare surrender technique in the second round and continued her undefeated record.  Taiwan’s undefeated Queen Huang Jingling (pictured left) won another victory in the ONE Championship game. Xie Bin from Tianjin TOP TEAM played against the local Mario Satya Wirawan in the first game of the night. Xie Bin was slightly higher than his opponent.Calmly, Xie Bin suddenly fell to Mario with two legs, and entered the opponent’s closed defense. Mario tried to surrender on the ground, but Xie Bin’s defense was good.Immediately, the opponent swept to Xie Bin, the two changed positions, Xie Bin was hit two punches in the lower position.Later, Xie Bin also felt that it was more difficult to surrender his opponent, and then returned to his previous position.At the last moment, Mario suddenly forcefully announced a flying knee, but fortunately Xie Bin’s reaction quickly turned into danger.At the end of the first round, the two were evenly matched.  In the second round of the undefeated Queen Huang Zhenling (pictured right) of Taiwan, both sides fought in the azimuth state, and Xie Bin, who has a certain advantage in height and arm length, hits the ball with a higher hit rate.Immediately Xie Bin fell his opponent again and entered a closed defense.Mario tried to surrender, but Xie Bin took the opportunity to cross his leg and got the side pressure position, and then deployed the python chain in the side pressure position. Unfortunately, he was escaped by the opponent and entered the closed defense again.Immediately Mario got up hard and was forced to the edge of the cage by Xie Bin, but unfortunately the time ended.  In the third round, Xie Bin hit straight punches many times, better controlling the rhythm of the game, and then Xie Bin made a one-leg kick and successfully fell the opponent. Mario escaped and was accidentally taken by Xie Bin to the back position, and thenXie Bin deployed a naked twist, but unfortunately was escaped by Mario, Xie Bin was again in closed defense.Because the two did nothing in the lower position, the referee asked the two to restart from their previous positions.Xie Bin once again uses the hug-wrestling technique. During the ground struggle, Xie Bin entered the closed defense again, and the two ended the game in this position.In the end, the three judges unanimously decided that Xie Bin won.  Sim Bunsrun vs. Liu Pengshuai The second Chinese teenager to play is Liu Pengshuai, who comes from the Beijing fighting brothers, against Sim Bunsrun from Cambodia.Liu Pengshuai was more proactive in the opening, but Sim’s reversal made Liu Pengshuai extremely uncomfortable.When Liu Pengshuai’s leg came out, Sim quickly took over the leg, causing Liu Pengshuai to drop the mouse.Immediately, Sim took the initiative to throw, but was defended by Liu Pengshuai.Sim tried to get close, and Liu Pengshuai was trying to prevent falling, but Sim still managed to fall Liu Pengshuai to the ground, but Sim couldn’t cross his leg and had to kick Liu Pengshuai’s thigh for a period of time.Immediately after the end of time, enter the rest period of the round.  In the second round, Sim played more and more relaxed, and even tried the gorgeous flying kick. Liu Pengshuai used straight punches and sweeping kicks to return the color. Liu Pengshuai’s superb strike technique still posed a great threat to his opponent.Liu Pengshuai accidentally hit the opponent’s crotch while kicking the leg and was severely warned by the referee.After the rest, the game restarted, Sim fell to Liu Pengshuai, Liu Pengshuai tried the triangle lock to surrender in the lower defense, and then changed the cross solid, but Sim insisted not to shoot, and the time ended immediately.  In the third round, the two sides tried each other in the preliminary stage. Sim fell again. Liu Pengshuai took the opportunity to deploy the cross-shaped. Sim tried his best to escape and successfully escaped the cross-shaped by using powerful force.Then Liu Pengshuai controlled the distance and did not want to enter the close range.Sim’s continuous sweeping kick in the middle section caused considerable damage to Liu Pengshuai. Eventually the time ended and the game ended.In the end, Liu Pengshuai decided to lose the game, his arm injury still caused him a certain impact, I hope Liu Pengshuai will make persistent efforts and make a comeback.  Next up is Taiwanese female boxer Huang Dingling against native Filipino boxer Eppel-Osinio. This is the only women’s match that night.  At the start of the game, Apple’s legs opened the way, and Huang Jieling was in a defensive state, waiting for the opportunity to fall down, but it was difficult for Apple to get close.After a failed fall, Huang Jianling successfully fell down his opponent using his judo technique.Apple was in a closed lower position, attempting to surrender to Huang detective, but Apple, who had failed to surrender, chose to get up. Huang detective fell again, but was turned into a guillotine by the opponent, staying in this position for a long time, but unfortunately did not succeed.Immediately after the game ends, enter the round of rest time.  In the second round, both fighters were more afraid of the opponent’s offense, so that the game was a bit negative, and the referee warned.Immediately afterwards, Huang Zhenling fell to the opponent again with judo technique in her fight, and after she got a favorable position, she continued to switch. She succeeded in getting her back position. After barely twisting, she switched to the riding position again.At the back position, he entered the lateral pressure position again, and Apple escaped. When he almost succeeded, he was surrendered by Huang Jieling with a rare gogoplata and successfully won the game.After surrendering his opponent away, Huang Zhenling continued to maintain an undefeated record.

A wave of 15 consecutive victories, US Open’s Shinco champion Andrescu leads to the finals

A wave of 15 consecutive victories, US Open’s Shinco champion Andrescu leads to the finals
Andrescu China Open passed the first round.Sauna, night net Wu Jiang was photographed on the 19-year-old Andrescu, there is nothing “slam crown syndrome”.Today, in the first round of the China Open women’s singles, Andrescu defeated Sasnovich 2-1 and has won 15 consecutive victories in the tournament.After winning this victory, Andrescu also won the WTA Shenzhen year-end finals seat.After many young players get their first Grand Slam, they often experience a slump of varying lengths.Former French Open women’s singles champion Ostapenko as an example, now the world ranking has dropped to the 70th place, and this year the Chinese Open can only hold foreign cards to participate.At this point, Andrescu and her team did a good job.The Canadian girl also said that she can succeed and the team is the biggest hero.After the US Open defeated Serena Williams to get his first Grand Slam, Andrescu became a superstar in the women’s tennis world and received a heroic replacement after returning to Canada.In order not to fatigue himself, Andrescu withdrew from the planned Wuhan Tennis Open, leaving the US Open’s first show in the Chinese Open.Andrescu’s opponent in the first round was Sasnovich.Although the game had some ups and downs, Andrescu eventually won 6-2, 2-6, 6-1.Prior to this, after Anderscu had won the Rogers Cup and the US Open, the victory in Beijing also allowed her to win 15 consecutive games.Andrescu won the Shenzhen finals.Sauna, Ye Jiang Wu Jiangshe This is the first game after the women ‘s singles finals of Andres Kumei. The girl admitted that she was a little bit nervous.The first game after the Grand Slam.”Andrescu said that she then told herself to maintain the same mentality in all games, which made her quickly calm down the tension.After the US Open won the championship, Andrescu became the focus of fans, sponsors and the media. The little girl also admitted that she has learned a lot in the past few weeks, including how to get along with the media during the game and even outside the game.The reason why I have a better feeling on China Open.”After winning this game, Andrescu became the fourth player to confirm the finalists in the WTA Shenzhen year-end finals after Batty, Ka Pliskova, and Halep.Zniaki (19 years old) was shortlisted for the youngest player in the finals.For a player who is still hovering about a hundred at the beginning, it is a myth to be shortlisted for the year-end finals one month in advance.”This is unbelievable to me, and I look forward to ending this season in Shenzhen.”Andrescu said that finalizing the year-end finals and winning a Grand Slam are all her dreams.”