Chinese online, reading together in long audio, literature + audio is a good business?

Chinese online, reading together in long audio, “literature + audio” is a good business?
On the evening of May 7, the online reading platform Chinese Online (SZ: 300364) announced that it had integrated the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” with Shanghai Microphone Culture Media Co., Ltd. (Dragonfly FM business entity, hereinafter: microphone culture).The two parties will cooperate on digital copyright work authorization, audio work promotion resources, and joint operation of the AI anchor zone.On May 8th, the Chinese online market immediately closed the daily limit, with an increase of more than 10.02%, newspaper 4.72 yuan.The announcement said that the cooperation between the two parties mainly includes the following aspects, and the cooperation is valid for three years.The specific cooperation content is that Chinese Online provides the affiliated 17K Novel Network, April Astronomy Network’s digital copyright authorized works are authorized to the microphone culture, and for authorized works, the membership products are opened to end users, paid reading, free reading and other functions; microphone culture willThe copyright belongs to the copyright or audio works that have obtained legal and effective full authorization are authorized to Chinese Online, and Chinese Online agent sells its audio works on Chinese online cooperation channels; microphone culture should give corresponding promotion to audio works authorized by Chinese Online to microphone cultureSupport such as resources, and at the same time explore the joint operation model of the AI anchor zone on the microphone culture platform.According to the announcement, Dragonfly FM has been in the audio field for nearly 9 years, and has experience in the production, operation and distribution of audio content. The current user scale exceeds 4.500 million, with an ecological monthly activity of 1.3 billion, covering 90 million smart devices. The Chinese online subsidiary Beijing Hongda Ether Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Hongda Ether) is one of the earliest audio content production and content providers in the country, with 1.23 million (sets) and 280,000 hours of audio book resources.The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement is conducive to broadening the company’s copyright monetization channel, enhancing the value of copyright, and promoting the development of audio business.Talking about the layout in the field of long audio, Wang Jingjing, vice president and secretary of the board of Chinese online, said in an investor telephone communication meeting on May 5 that Hongda Ethernet is a voice copyright agency affiliated with Chinese online, and has accumulated voice copyrights since its establishment.At the same time, Chinese Online’s high-quality original novels did not sell audio copyrights when selling copyrights. At present, there are a lot of content requirements for audio platforms. Therefore, the competition for these audio content is relatively strong. There is still huge room for growth in the future audio market demand.At the same time, audio copyright depends on the digital content copyright, while the original novel’s copyright party is concentrated on the head platform. At the same time, it has the strength to convert digital content copyright into audio copyright platform, so the industry concentration is relatively high.A quarterly report disclosed by Chinese Online on April 28 showed that its first quarter revenue was 1.6.7 billion, an annual increase of 8.01%, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 403.980,000 yuan, realizing turnaround.The revenue growth of Chinese Online was mainly due to the increase in the income of the “Literary +” business, and the company’s net profit reversal of losses was also due to the increase in the income of the “Literary +” business, the decline in the game business and the increase in the profit of equity investment.Obviously, during the announced strategic cooperation period, Chinese online controlling shareholders, shareholders holding more than 5% of the shares have risk reduction.The announcement shows that the controlling shareholder, the actual controller Tong Zhilei, and Tong Zhilei controlled Jianshui Wenrui Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. (to be called February 5, 2020 to August 4, 2020, to focus on bidding transactions, block transactions, agreement transfers, etc.Ways to reduce the company ‘s shares by no more than 15.73 million shares and about 41.96 million shares, that is, no more than 2 of the company ‘s total share capital.16% and 5.77% of shares.As of April 30, Tong Zhilei gradually reduced his holdings by 66.70,000 shares, accounting for 0 of the total share capital.092%; Wenrui has not reduced its shareholding.After the reduction is completed, Tong Zhilei is still the company’s largest shareholder, but due to the close shareholding ratio with the second largest shareholder, Chinese Online may appear to have no actual controller status.In the Air Force for a month, some Tencent companies also officially entered the long audio field.In April this year, Tencent Music Entertainment announced a strategic cooperation with Yuewen Group.The content of the cooperation shows that Reading will authorize Tencent Music Entertainment to make the literary works on the platform into long-audio audio books, and both parties can distribute these audio works to the world on their respective platforms.In addition, the two parties will combine the original content library and IP adaptation experience of reading, and Tencent Music Entertainment’s audio production capabilities and ecological product services to provide users with high-quality audiobooks.In order to support the above strategic cooperation, Tencent Music Entertainment also released a long audio strategy and launched the long audio product “Cool Me Listen”, the specific content provided includes audio books, crosstalk storytelling, historical humanities, parent-child education, radio dramas, etc.Types of.Long audio may be a new story of “literature + audio”, but the fact that it needs to face is that the entire field has long been difficult to make money.PGC (professional content production) platforms in the industry, such as Himalayan, Dragonfly FM, etc., in audio books, knowledge discovery, cost investment, despite the revenue scale and user scale, but the profitability has been waiting for the test, and can not be listed.UGC (User Content Production) platforms, such as Litchi, etc., although reducing content costs through anchors, communities, etc., have not yet achieved profitability.At the same time, the long audio field faces challenges from shorter videos and live broadcasts with higher efficiency, further squeezing user time.According to data from iResearch, it is estimated that by 2023, the number of online audio users in China will exceed 900 million.At the same time, China is the world’s second largest online audio market after the United States. In 2018, online audio revenue accounted for about 15% of the world’s total, which translates into a compound annual growth rate of 44%.However, analysts have pointed out that although online audio users continue to grow and compounding itself is also improving, online audio platforms still have the phenomenon of increasing revenue but not increasing profits.Sauna, Ye Wang Bai Jinlei editor Wang Jinyu proofreading Yang Xuli

[Bacteria cannot be eaten with anything]_How to eat_Diet taboo

涓嶅皯浜鸿繕涓嶅お鐔熸倝鑿屽瓙锛屽畠鍏跺疄灏辨槸閲庣敓铇戣弴鐨勫埆绉般€傝弻瀛愬湪椋熺敤鏃舵湁璁稿闇€瑕佹敞鎰忕殑鍦版柟銆傛瘮濡傝锛屽畠涓嶅彲浠ュ拰涓€浜涢鏉愪竴鍚岄鐢紝鍚﹀垯灏辨湁鍙兘浼氱粰鎴戜滑澶у鐨勮韩浣撳仴搴峰甫鏉ヤ激瀹炽€傛瘮濡傝锛岄噹鐢熻弻灏变笉鑳藉悓娴烽矞涓€璧峰悆锛屽洜涓烘捣椴滀笌閲庣敓鑿屽湪涓€璧锋椂浼氫骇鐢熷寲瀛﹀弽搴旓紝浠庤€屽浜轰綋鍋ュ悍甯︽潵鍗卞锛屼弗閲嶆椂锛岃繕鍙嚭鐜伴鐗╀腑姣掔幇璞°€備竴銆佽弻瀛愪笉鑳藉拰浠€涔堜竴璧峰悆1.涓嶈兘鍜岄箤楣戣倝涓€璧峰悆鑿屽瓙涓庨箤楣戣倝椋熺墿鐩稿厠,涓嶅疁涓庨箤楣戣倝鍚岄,鍚﹀垯闈㈤儴鏄撻暱榛戞枒銆傚悓鐞嗛箤楣戣泲涔熶笉鑳藉拰鑿屽瓙涓€璧峰悆銆傝弻瀛愬拰楣岄箲鑲変竴璧烽鐢紝涓嶄粎浼氫娇涓ょ椋熺墿鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊奸檷浣庯紝杩樹細浣胯劯涓婇暱榛戞枒锛岀埍缇庣殑鏈嬪弸鍗冧竾瑕佽浣忥紝杩欎袱绉嶉鐗╂槸涓嶅彲浠ュ悓椋熺殑鍝︺€?.When Bo Bo went to visit Libi Peak, it was chiseled, and that Bobo went to visit Bibi Peak, so that the chain was very busy, and D, Huai, Deng, and D.,涓よ€呬竴璧烽鐢?浼氫娇浜轰綋涓殑缁寸敓绱燚鍚噺杩囬珮,閫犳垚閽欒川澧炲姞,闀挎湡椋熺敤鏄撳紩璧风粨鐭崇棁鐘躲€?.I ‘m going to go to the top of the mountain and read the peaks of the mountains and the mountains and the mountains and the mountains and the mountains and the mountains and the mountains and the mountains; the lawsuits and the lawsuits are very detailed and detailed.岄噸鑰呮浜°€?.What’s going on, what’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on?闄嶄綆钀ュ吇浠峰€笺€傞鑿囧惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑鐢熺墿鍖栧鐗╄川,涓庡惈鏈夌被鑳¤悵鍗滅礌鐨勭暘鑼勫悓椋?氼 氱 牬 鍧 鍧 嗸 咸 咬 咍 咍 咍  殑 绫 璫 咭 咆 廪 绱?浣胯惀鍏讳环鍊奸檷浣庛€備簩銆侀噹鐢熻弻娉ㄦ剰浜嬮」1.What is the difference between the reading of the chimney and the changing of the chimney?Do you want to check it out? Do you want to check it out? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it?鏈€濂芥瘡娆¢鐢ㄤ竴绉嶉噹鐢熻弻锛岄槻姝骇鐢熷寲瀛﹀弽搴斻€?。The reading and writing are inconspicuous, and the wind is very strong, and the wind and the wind are very rugged, and the wind and the wind are in the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind嶅簲,娌℃瘨鐨勮弻瀛愪篃鍙樻垚鏈夋瘨鐨勪簡銆傚姞宸ョ殑鏃跺€欎竴瀹氳灏忓績,鍍忛鐢ㄧ墰鑲濊弻,鏈€濂界殑鍔炴硶灏辨槸鍏堢叜鐔熶竴涓?闶 嘃 阨 Houke 噺 諺?浠ュ噺灏戜腑姣掑彂鐢熺殑鍙兘鎬с€?。骞虫椂鍘诲競鍦轰拱閲庣敓鑿岀殑鏃跺€?鏈€濂戒拱鏇惧悆杩囩殑鑰屼笖鏄病鏈夊彂鐢熻繃鍗遍櫓鐨勯噹鐢熻弻,娌″彂鐢熶换浣曞嵄闄╃殑鑿屽瓙,涔版潵鍚庡簲鐐掔啛鐐掗€忓悗鍐嶅悆銆?.鍚冭弻鏃朵笉瑕佸枬閰掋€傝櫧鐒舵湁鐨勯噹鐢熻弻鏃犳瘨,浣嗛噹鐢熻弻涓湁鐨勬煇浜涙垚鍒嗕細涓庨厭涓墍鍚殑涔欓唶鍙戠敓鍖栧鍙嶅簲,鐢熸垚姣掔礌寮曡捣涓瘨,鍥犳,椋熺敤閲庣敓鑿屾椂鏈€濂戒笉瑕侀ギ閰掞紝闃叉瀵逛汉鐨勫仴搴烽€犳垚濞佽儊銆?.鍚冨畬鑿屽悗濡傛劅涓嶉€?鏈夋伓蹇冦€佸ご鏅曘€佸憰鍚愩€佺湅涓滆タ涓嶆槑鎴栧够瑙嗐€佸够鍚棁鐘跺簲绔嬪嵆鍓嶅線鍖婚櫌娌荤枟What is it?搴旂珛鍗抽噰鐢ㄧ畝鏄撶殑鏂规硶鍜屽鏄撴壘鍒扮殑鑽墿,杩涜鍌悙銆佹礂鑳冦€佸娉绘垨鐏岃偁绛夊鐞嗐€?

[How to soak dry Liangpi]_How to soak_Soak method

[How to soak dry Liangpi]_How to soak_Soak method

Since summer is here, the weather is hot, and people’s appetite will be reduced. They do n’t like to eat or cook. Often, for convenience and convenience, you can choose some cold foods. Also, Liangpier is of course the first choice. The method is simple.It’s also delicious. It can bring some coolness on hot summer days. Dry cold skins need to be soaked before they can be cold mixed. So how to dry dry skins and how to mix them?

Next, I will introduce them in detail for my friends.

Method / Step 1/7 Read the first, most common mung bean flour skin step by step.

Everyone likes this noodle in summer.

If you buy the more expensive one from the supermarket, it is of good quality, so you can use cold water to soak it.

2/7 Tear the noodles into large pieces by hand, put them in a container, and add cold water. Pay attention to soak for 30 minutes, generally.

Just remove it and place it in a plate.

At this time, if the powder skin is too large, you can continue to tear it small.

The second kind of 3/7, this may be the case for the Liangpi you bought, the thickness is not so uniform, and it can obviously grind thick places.

This kind should be boiled with boiling water.

4/7 In the pot, you can see that the noodles are obviously soft, especially in thick places, and then turn off the heat immediately.

This process takes 5 minutes.

5/7 can also be boiled directly with boiling water, using boiling water (pot water can be poured) on the powder skin.

More water, more powder all over the skin, and more.

Soak for 5 to 10 minutes.

6/7 Soaked powdered skin, plus cucumber, garlic, and agaric fungus, sea rice can also be added.

It’s good to make it delicious. Fenpi likes hemp juice, and mixes the hemp juice a little.

7/7 In fact, sweet potato noodles can also be eaten cold, but sweet potato noodles must be cooked thoroughly. Side dishes like red radish slices are good for winter.

Precautions You must also observe carefully when cooking, to see the overall foaming level of the powder skin, to determine the time when you remove it.

[Can you eat bananas when you are pregnant]_Pregnancy_Benefits

[Can you eat bananas when you are pregnant]_Pregnancy_Benefits

Bananas contain a lot of vitamins. Eating more bananas can supplement the vitamins and trace elements required by the body. Some people who often have constipation can also effectively treat constipation. Because pregnant women cannot eat anything, many pregnant women willConcerned about whether you can eat bananas and whether they will affect variables after eating bananas.

Let ‘s see if you can eat bananas when you are pregnant?

1. Folic acid and vitamin B6 in bananas are the key substances that can ensure the normal development of phospholipid neural tubes, thereby avoiding the occurrence of severe deformities of the brain without spina bifida.

Therefore, eating more bananas during pregnancy has a great effect on the development of food.

2, eating bananas during pregnancy can prevent hypertension, bananas are rich in potassium, can provide pregnant mothers with a lot of sodium ion replacement in vitro, the effect of controlling blood pressure, is the best fruit for women to prevent pregnancy hypertension.

3, pregnant mother eat a banana before going to bed, can achieve soothing effect, because pregnant women are easy to constipation, because the pregnant mother’s activity is also reduced for certain reasons, inconvenient activities during pregnancy, so eating bananas is conducive to defecation during pregnancy.

4. Banana contains a lot of potassium ions and other trace elements, and it can also help to clear the body of pregnant women, so eating a moderate amount is beneficial to pregnant women and fetuses.

But pregnant mothers also need to pay attention to these 3 points when eating bananas.

1. Banana and milk cannot be eaten together.

Because when milk encounters acid, there will be a lot of casein aggregation and precipitation, it is difficult for pregnant mothers to digest and absorb, and severe cases may also cause pregnant mothers indigestion or diarrhea.

2. Banana and watermelon cannot be eaten together.

Because eating these two kinds of fruits together will reduce the nutrition balance, but do not eat watermelon and banana together, it is easy to diarrhea and diarrhea.

3. Pregnant mothers cannot eat bananas on an empty stomach.

Because eating bananas on an empty stomach is not good for the body. Bananas contain a large amount of potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. For pregnant mothers, a large intake of potassium and magnesium metabolizes sodium and calcium in the body, which is out of balance, which is not good for pregnant mothers and fetuses.
In short, pregnant mothers should not eat a lot of bananas a day because they are delicious. That is not enough. Eating too much bananas has a high blood sugar level. Therefore, you should eat a moderate amount during the first trimester.A banana is enough to avoid diarrhea or excessive sugar replacement.

Morning Glory: Flowers blooming beauty name ugly Qi under the fruit to cure edema

Morning Glory: Flowers blooming beauty name “ugly” Qi under the fruit to cure edema
Little morning glory, full of bamboo fences . The party’s policy is bright, / tickle / tickle / rich, don’t forget to love the country!  This “Little Morning Glory” is a lot of familiar songs from the 80s. Every time this familiar melody sounds, it seems to be back to that unforgettable childhood.  Although morning glory is a wild flower between the mountains and the wild, this colorful flower is often encountered during autumn trips, but 杭州夜网论坛 some people also plant one or two plants on the balcony, climbing along the flower rack or balcony fence, blooming,Don’t have some beauty.  果实入药泻水下气还杀虫  牵牛花虽然很美,但是入药部分的果实牵牛子却称谓比较“丑”,比如《本草纲目》里面就把其称作黑丑、白丑,实际上,Ugly here means “ox”. The “ugly” in the twelve branches of the Tiangan Earth Branch corresponds to the “ox” in the zodiac.The flowering period of morning glory is the highest in summer. When the fruit matures between September and October, the vine is cut, the seeds are punched, the shell impurities are removed, and the sun is dried.The gray and black surface is black and ugly, and the light yellow and white is white and ugly. The mixture of the two is called ugly. Mature, full, no skin impurities, and no black and white mixed are preferred.Generally, the color is darker and the color is purple and red, the seeds are more black, the color is lighter, and the color is white and pink. The seeds are more white.”Lei Gong Pao Zhuan Lun” describes the preparation method of morning glory: all the morning glory seeds are poured into the water, the sun-drinkers are dried, the wine is mixed with steam, dried from simmering to unsettled, and the skin is peeled with spring.  The main effects of morning glory are laxative, down-gas and insecticide.For the treatment of edema, wheezing, phlegm, stasis caused by stasis, constipation and other diseases.For example, “Famous Doctors’ Records” records that “the main qi, treats feet full of edema, removes wind poison, and facilitates urination.”Medicine theory” records its “treat the stagnation qi block, facilitate urination, remove water and gas, and swell.”Abortion.”The Compendium of Materia Medica” also recorded its effects such as “Zhutan Xiaoyin, Tongqi Secrets, Wind Secrets, Insecticidal”.Modern pharmacology has also confirmed the mechanism of morning glory seed diarrhea, because the glorine glycosides contained in the gall meet the bile and intestinal fluid to decompose gloryllin, stimulate the intestine, promote peristalsis, and cause diarrhea.  Wang Yong, a Chinese medicine pharmacist in charge of the Pharmacy Department of Nanjing Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, reminded that this kind of Chinese medicine has recorded toxicity in many medical books. For example, “Medicine Theory” mentioned that petunias have a small poison.It should also be noted that pregnant women and those with weak stomach and qi deficiency should not take this Chinese medicine.Therefore, it is best to consult a Chinese medicine practitioner before use.To treat red eyes with wind and heat, you can use a black ugly kernel to cure the disease. “Quanzhou Materia Medica” records this simple method: black ugly kernel is the last, and scallion white soup is applied to the affected area.  The ornamental value and main points of planting morning glory. Today, morning glory is mostly used for the beautification of courtyard fences and slope protection of highways. It can also be used for beautification of pots, hanging pots, flower stands and flower beds. It can also be used as a sunshade plant on the balcony.The morning glory also has a common name, “Dynamic Lady”, which comes from “Plant and Reality”, as the name suggests, it is a very hardworking flower.Whenever the rooster just cried all over, the hour hand also pointed at the “4” position, and the morning glory branches around the fence frame opened a blossoming trumpet-like flower.Standing on the balcony in the morning light, breathing the fresh air, and enjoying the morning glory that has been dotted among the green leaves, I feel good all day.  It can be planted in multiple seasons in the warm area of the south of the Yangtze River, and the flowers can be viewed for a long time, but spring flowers and spring flowers are the main seeds.  Morning glory germination temperature is 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, generally sowing at the end of April and early May (the south can also advance), according to the variety of branches sowing in fine sand, germination about 10 days when the humidity is moderate.After about 10 days, the cotyledons are fully open.When the true leaves just germinate, they should be transplanted into small pots. Premature seedlings are weak and roots are injured too late, which are not conducive to future development.Morning glory can also stop bead breeding, press the vine knot buds into the soil, cut and plant after hair rooting.  Potting soil can be selected from humus-rich sandy loam, which is composed of 4 parts of humus leaf soil, 5 parts of garden soil, and 1 part of river sand.A thin liquid fertilizer was applied one week after the pot was applied.Watering should be done regularly, especially in summer, but water should not be accumulated in the basin.Morning glory is so sunny that it should be cultivated on the sunny or south-facing balcony or window sill of the courtyard.  When the morning glory pot is planted, after the seedlings in the small pot grow two or three true leaves, the root system has developed at this time, and it can be planted in the middle pot, and the base fertilizer is added in advance.Morning Glory’s root system needs temperature. It is often turned into pots to make the sun evenly radiate and complete the root system.

Guotai Junan (601211): Deducting non-net profit for ten years + 76% investment net income increased significantly

Guotai Junan (601211): Deducting non-net profit for ten years + 76% investment net income increased significantly

Investment points: The company’s brokerage business continues to maintain the forefront of the industry, the bond underwriting advantage continues, the advantages of active management are obvious, and self-operated business income increases.

The reasonable value range is 23.


99 yuan, maintaining the “primary market” rating.

[Event]Guotai Junan achieved operating income of 66 in the first quarter of 2019.

950,000 yuan, ten years +7.

22%; net profit attributable to mother 30.

0.6 billion, previously +33.

03%, corresponding to EPS 0.

33 yuan; deduct non-net profit 26.

Ten percent of 06, +76.

17% (mainly excluding the one-time gain from disposal of Guolian An in the first quarter of 2018).

The main reason for the increase in net profit growth was mainly due to the rebound in the stock market, the increase in self-operated business growth, and the company’s credit impairment reserve turned back to 5.

5.3 billion.

Expected average return on net assets for the first quarter of 20192.

48%, an increase of 0 from the same period in 2018.

5 averages.

In the first quarter of 2019, brokerage / investment bank / asset management / index / self-employment accounted for 23% / 6% / 5% / 22% 夜来香体验网 / 34% of operating income respectively.

The brokerage business continued to lead.

Company 19Q achieved brokerage income 15.

31 trillion, ten years +10.


As of the end of March, the balance of funds raised was 518.

500,000 yuan, +24 a year.

51%; the unbalanced market value of the stock pledge was 1785.

3.7 billion, -0 from the end of 2018.

87% -23 per year.


The company realized the “five-star and four-label” customer classification and grading service, and changed its manifestation to wealth management.

At the end of 18, the number of personal financial accounts was 12.7 million, an annual increase of + 14%; the mobile terminal Junhong APP had over 30 million users, an annual increase of + 37%, ranking No. 2 in monthly living.

Increase the coverage of key industry leaders and focus on the issuance of science and technology board.

The company achieved investment bank income in 19Q1.

7.9 billion a year -15.


The stock and debt underwriting scale are -80 each year.

41%, +251.


Equity lead underwriting scale 105.1.2 billion, ranking eighth; three additional issuances, underwriting scale of 83.

32 ppm, ranking 7th; bond underwriting scale 829.

44 trillion, +251 a year.

15%, ranking fourth; financial debt, corporate debt underwriting scales were 349.

6.7 billion, 283.

93 trillion, +2422 a year.

87%, +111.


The advantages of active management are obvious, and the scale of public offering funds has grown rapidly.

The company achieved asset management income in 19Q1.

34 ‰, at least -21.


As of the end of 2018, the company’s asset management scale was 7507 trillion, ranking second in the average asset management scale per month.

Among them, the active management scale is 3106 trillion, accounting for 41%, and the average monthly active management scale remains the second largest in the industry.

The size of Huaan Fund’s management is 27.56 million yuan, + 49% for the whole year, which is growing rapidly.

Self-employed income has increased significantly.

The company achieved self-operated income in 19Q122.

88 ppm, previously + 13%; excluding the one-time investment income recognized by the disposal of Guolian An in the first quarter of 2018.

After 4.7 billion, self-employment income for ten years + 66%.

[Investment recommendation]We expect the company’s annual net profit for 2019-2021E to be 1, respectively.

03, 1.

07, 1.

10 yuan, the absolute net assets are 14 respectively.

99, 15.

80, 16.

63 yuan.

With reference to the estimated level of comparable companies, and considering the obvious advantages of underwriting corporate bonds, the brokerage market is ranked first, and we give it January 2019.


8xP / B, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 23.


99 yuan, maintaining the “primary market” rating.

Risk Warning: The continued downturn in the market will lead to the expansion of business scale and further strengthening of market supervision.

Chinese medicine winter tonic rule


Chinese medicine winter tonic rule

The winter tonic has passed down the traditional Chinese medicine tonic rule for thousands of years. After passing the test, its effect is beyond doubt.

The essence of traditional Chinese medicine is syndrome differentiation and treatment. Therefore, tonic should also “recognize the constitution and syndrome differentiation.”

銆€銆€Angelica ginger mutton soup 30 grams of Angelica, 30 grams of ginger, 500 grams of mutton, rice wine, seasoning amount.

Angelica, ginger washed slices spare, mutton washed, remove the fascia, cut into pieces, into the boiling water pot to remove blood, remove and spare.

Put a proper amount of water into the casserole, put the mutton into the pot, then add the angelica and ginger slices. After boiling on the fire, beat the floating foam and use a simmer.

5 hours until the lamb is cooked.

Take the angelica, ginger slices, and drink the soup.

It has the effect of warming the blood, chilling and strengthening the body. It is suitable for those who are tired of fatigue, faceless, and weak in the waist and knees.

銆€銆€Sweet and sour carrots and carrots 250 grams, ginger, sugar, vinegar, salt, MSG, vegetable oil amount.

Carrots are shredded and shredded with ginger.

Heat the wok and heat the oil (just ginger), then saut茅 the ginger, stir fry the savory and pour the holly scallions, stir fry for 2 minutes, then vinegar, sugar, continue to stir fry until eight ripe, add salt to the dish.After cooking, season with MSG.

Can be used to make up the air, benefit the chest, adjust the stomach, and the five internal organs.

銆€銆€Milk porridge milk 250 ml, previously 100 grams.

Wash the rice bran before, put it into the pot and pour it into the water. After the fire is cooked, switch to a simmer and cook until it is six ripe. Add the milk and continue to cook the porridge.

It can moisten the lungs and invigorate the intestines.

銆€銆€鏋告潪涓変竷楦℃灨鏉炲瓙 15 grams, 3 seven 10 grams, 1 hen, ginger 20 grams, 30 grams of onion, Shao wine 30 ml, pepper, MSG amount.

After the live chicken is slaughtered, it is cleaned, the scorpion is washed, 3 to 7 grams of powder is finished, 6 grams of soft sliced, ginger is cut into large pieces, and the onion is cut into pieces.

Put the chicken into the boiling water pot to remove the blood, remove the spare, and put the wolfberry, Sanqi, ginger, and onion into the chicken belly, put the chicken into the steamer, inject a small amount of clear soup, pepper, and wine.Then sprinkle the notoginseng powder on the chicken breast, cover the lid, boil the water for 2 hours, and add the MSG to taste.

Can replenish phlegm and blood.

Its mildness, the elderly and chronic illness, the postpartum blood deficiency is replaced by food.

銆€銆€Eight treasure rice glutinous rice, 100 grams of rice, red bean, 50 grams of glutinous rice, lotus seeds, wolfberry, 20 grams of longan meat, 50 grams of jujube.

Wash red bean, glutinous rice and lotus seeds with water, soak for 2 hours, then add glutinous rice, rice, etc., steam over with steam, add sugar and eat in moderation.

It has the functions of strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, and is suitable for people with weak body, tiredness and fatigue, and other qi and blood deficiency.

銆€銆€One persimmon stewed chicken chicken chicken (about 500 grams), 30 grams of Astragalus and Gardenia, 10 grams of Atractylodes Rhizome, seasoning amount.

Wash the broiler chicken, cut into small pieces, add the Chinese herbs and onions, ginger, garlic, salt, wine and other spices, simmer for 1 hour with simmer, eat meat and drink soup.

It has the effect of supplementing the vital energy, nourishing yin and helping the yang, and enhancing the body’s ability to resist disease. It is suitable for those who are weak in constitution and susceptible to cold and cold.

It is not advisable to prematurely increase clothes in early autumn.


It is not advisable to prematurely increase clothes in early autumn.

1, go to bed early, get up early, get up early, get up early, and maintain the autumn harvest.

According to the characteristics of yang convergence, the climate changes from hot to cold in the living, pay attention to adding clothing at the right time.

It is advisable to “get up early and get up early, and enjoy the chicken”. The early lying is about 9 or 10 o’clock in the evening, you can fall asleep, in order to conform to the collection of Yin essence, to raise the “receive” gas; get up early is about 6 or 7 in the morning to get up,Stretching in accordance with the yang, so that the lungs are comfortable.

Old Chinese medicine reminds that the weather after the summer is often hot at noon, cold in the morning and evening, temperature difference between day and night, high temperature before the rain, and high temperature after the rain.

During the period in Qingyuan, there was a shower of sunshine every day, which was very stuffy.

At this time, the office workers who have exited the air-conditioned room should pay attention to prevent colds, especially those who have adjusted the air-conditioning temperature to a low level until now. At this time, they can blow the fan and do not blow it, so that they can avoid colds.And joint pain.

2, spring, autumn, autumn, spring, autumn and autumn is a very practical “life proverb” of the ancients. “Spring 鎹? is to help the blood and heat to promote heat and promote yang qi; “autumn frozen” is for qi and blood to saveLead to the promotion of yang diving.

Therefore, after the heat, you should make your body have some coolness. Don’t be armed and wear thick clothes immediately.

And the early autumn is “cold” and does not feel “cold”, “cold flesh” is tolerable.

The adoption of “autumn freezing” has great benefits for adapting to and resisting the severe cold of winter. From the perspective of the adaptability of the body, it can be said that it conforms to the “inertia principle” between seasons.

Old Chinese medicine reminds you not to add clothes too early, especially children.

Seeing the seasonal changes, some parents are afraid that their children will get sick, so they rush to add clothes to their children, but this is not scientific.

Because everyone has a certain resistance, if these resistances have not been played before, they are stopped by artificial methods, but they are not good for the body.

That is to say, when the season begins to change, the temperature is still unstable, the heat has not been exhausted, too much prematurely increased clothes, once the temperature rises, sweating after blowing, it is also easy to catch a cold.

The cool stimuli that are acceptable at this time help to exercise cold resistance.

Blessing can be abdomen


Blessing can be abdomen

The problem of “a belly” is that both men and women feel headaches.

The posture is not beautiful, the dress is not beautiful, the belly is big, and the person is thick and vulgar.

Therefore, many people go to the gym to reduce the “belly meat”, but how to reduce the most effective, most people are ignorant.

Let me introduce five simple actions.

銆€銆€Boarding in the air: lying on the floor on the back and close to the ground on the back.

Put your hands on the side of your head and open your arms.

Lift your legs and slowly move your bike.

Exhale, lift the upper body, touch the left knee with the right elbow joint, hold the position for 2 seconds, then restore.

Then touch the right knee with the left elbow joint for the same 2 seconds, then slowly return to the starting position.

銆€銆€Fitness ball belly: lie flat on the fitness ball, feet flat on the ground, hands on the side of the head, arms open.

The lower jaw is slightly closed to the chest, exhaled, and the contracted abdominal muscles lift the upper body about 45 degrees for 2 seconds, then slowly return to the starting position.

In order to maintain balance, the two feet can be separated more.

If you increase the difficulty, you can put your feet together.

銆€銆€Lift your legs and roll your belly: supine on the floor and the lower back close to the ground.

Put your hands on the side of your head and open your arms.
The legs are raised 90 degrees to the upper body, the legs are crossed, and the knees are slightly flexed.

Exhale, contract the abdominal muscles, lift the upper body, and keep the lower back from the ground for 2 seconds, then slowly return to the starting position.

Be careful to keep the lower jaw slightly to the chest.

銆€銆€娼囬洩鎺ㄨ崘:Slim waist and abdomen surprise January body shaping method reverse belly: supine on the floor, next to the ground close to the ground, hands on the body cross, legs raised 90 degrees with the upper body, legs crossed,The knee is slightly flexed.
Tighten the abdominal muscles, then exhale briefly to raise the top, lower the buttocks slightly off the ground for 2 seconds, then slowly return to the starting position.

銆€銆€Traditional belly: lying on the floor, the lower back is close to the ground.

Put your hands on the side of your head and open your arms.
Keep your legs flat on the floor and bend your knees.

The lower jaw is slightly closed to the chest, the abdominal muscles are contracted, and the upper body is lifted by exhalation. The lower back cannot be lifted off the ground for 2 seconds, and then slowly returns to the starting position.

Through the electromyograph (EMG) test, it was found that the “air boarding” of these five movements is most effective for exercising the rectus abdominis.

The second is 鈥渓ifting the legs鈥?and the third is 鈥渇itting the ball鈥?

Studies have shown that when a training requires sustained stability of the abdominal muscles and body rotation, the abdominal muscles are able to produce maximum activity.

Because of the need to control balance in an unstable environment, the “fitness ball belly” requires more muscle contraction and control than the “traditional belly” when performing belly training.

銆€銆€However, experts believe that no matter which practice method you choose, training and strengthening your abdominal muscles will take time and patience.

Finally, remember: muscle contraction after exercise.

How is the treatment of urinary frequency in the elderly?

Now that the weather is getting cold, the urinating at night is very easy to cause a cold, and can cause other diseases. Experts introduce a very simple, no need to spend money, can improve the frequency of urination, and the quality of sleep is very good,Basically, you can guarantee that you will sleep for six hours. Within 30 minutes after the completion of this health care (fast fifteen minutes), you will fall asleep. At the same time, this health care method is also good for friends with coronary heart disease.Preventive care (and the feeling of strength when walking with both legs).

  This method is completely in line with the theory of Chinese medicine. It is impossible to check it out as long as it is done (it is impossible to expect it to be effective immediately after one or two days). It is guaranteed to be effective. It is introduced as follows: To the medical (or medical equipment) store, spend tenBinary buy a small sputum for percussion, once a day in the morning and evening, each acupuncture beat 200 times, all takes about 20 minutes to complete, then go to sleep after the completion, the acupuncture points are: 1.

The old palace hole with both hands.


Yongquan points on both feet.


The hand is like the inner point of the three fingers.


The great mausoleum behind the palm.

(This hole just started to beat hard, because it is very painful, after passing, it is good, in the process of knocking, there is hemp.

Acid, sensation of swelling and radiation to the five fingers, the following points have this reaction).


The Baihui Point at the top of the head (just started to beat the special pain, it will be fine).


The small door behind the palm of the gods.

The beat is the same as above.

  Doing it before going to sleep at night, doing it before getting up in the morning, old friends don’t go to work, some are time, both cure the disease and get health care, and don’t spend money and why not?

Please see!



Because these acupuncture points are some well-functioning points.

It’s just that people don’t realize it.