Chinese online, reading together in long audio, literature + audio is a good business?

Chinese online, reading together in long audio, “literature + audio” is a good business?
On the evening of May 7, the online reading platform Chinese Online (SZ: 300364) announced that it had integrated the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” with Shanghai Microphone Culture Media Co., Ltd. (Dragonfly FM business entity, hereinafter: microphone culture).The two parties will cooperate on digital copyright work authorization, audio work promotion resources, and joint operation of the AI anchor zone.On May 8th, the Chinese online market immediately closed the daily limit, with an increase of more than 10.02%, newspaper 4.72 yuan.The announcement said that the cooperation between the two parties mainly includes the following aspects, and the cooperation is valid for three years.The specific cooperation content is that Chinese Online provides the affiliated 17K Novel Network, April Astronomy Network’s digital copyright authorized works are authorized to the microphone culture, and for authorized works, the membership products are opened to end users, paid reading, free reading and other functions; microphone culture willThe copyright belongs to the copyright or audio works that have obtained legal and effective full authorization are authorized to Chinese Online, and Chinese Online agent sells its audio works on Chinese online cooperation channels; microphone culture should give corresponding promotion to audio works authorized by Chinese Online to microphone cultureSupport such as resources, and at the same time explore the joint operation model of the AI anchor zone on the microphone culture platform.According to the announcement, Dragonfly FM has been in the audio field for nearly 9 years, and has experience in the production, operation and distribution of audio content. The current user scale exceeds 4.500 million, with an ecological monthly activity of 1.3 billion, covering 90 million smart devices. The Chinese online subsidiary Beijing Hongda Ether Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Hongda Ether) is one of the earliest audio content production and content providers in the country, with 1.23 million (sets) and 280,000 hours of audio book resources.The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement is conducive to broadening the company’s copyright monetization channel, enhancing the value of copyright, and promoting the development of audio business.Talking about the layout in the field of long audio, Wang Jingjing, vice president and secretary of the board of Chinese online, said in an investor telephone communication meeting on May 5 that Hongda Ethernet is a voice copyright agency affiliated with Chinese online, and has accumulated voice copyrights since its establishment.At the same time, Chinese Online’s high-quality original novels did not sell audio copyrights when selling copyrights. At present, there are a lot of content requirements for audio platforms. Therefore, the competition for these audio content is relatively strong. There is still huge room for growth in the future audio market demand.At the same time, audio copyright depends on the digital content copyright, while the original novel’s copyright party is concentrated on the head platform. At the same time, it has the strength to convert digital content copyright into audio copyright platform, so the industry concentration is relatively high.A quarterly report disclosed by Chinese Online on April 28 showed that its first quarter revenue was 1.6.7 billion, an annual increase of 8.01%, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 403.980,000 yuan, realizing turnaround.The revenue growth of Chinese Online was mainly due to the increase in the income of the “Literary +” business, and the company’s net profit reversal of losses was also due to the increase in the income of the “Literary +” business, the decline in the game business and the increase in the profit of equity investment.Obviously, during the announced strategic cooperation period, Chinese online controlling shareholders, shareholders holding more than 5% of the shares have risk reduction.The announcement shows that the controlling shareholder, the actual controller Tong Zhilei, and Tong Zhilei controlled Jianshui Wenrui Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. (to be called February 5, 2020 to August 4, 2020, to focus on bidding transactions, block transactions, agreement transfers, etc.Ways to reduce the company ‘s shares by no more than 15.73 million shares and about 41.96 million shares, that is, no more than 2 of the company ‘s total share capital.16% and 5.77% of shares.As of April 30, Tong Zhilei gradually reduced his holdings by 66.70,000 shares, accounting for 0 of the total share capital.092%; Wenrui has not reduced its shareholding.After the reduction is completed, Tong Zhilei is still the company’s largest shareholder, but due to the close shareholding ratio with the second largest shareholder, Chinese Online may appear to have no actual controller status.In the Air Force for a month, some Tencent companies also officially entered the long audio field.In April this year, Tencent Music Entertainment announced a strategic cooperation with Yuewen Group.The content of the cooperation shows that Reading will authorize Tencent Music Entertainment to make the literary works on the platform into long-audio audio books, and both parties can distribute these audio works to the world on their respective platforms.In addition, the two parties will combine the original content library and IP adaptation experience of reading, and Tencent Music Entertainment’s audio production capabilities and ecological product services to provide users with high-quality audiobooks.In order to support the above strategic cooperation, Tencent Music Entertainment also released a long audio strategy and launched the long audio product “Cool Me Listen”, the specific content provided includes audio books, crosstalk storytelling, historical humanities, parent-child education, radio dramas, etc.Types of.Long audio may be a new story of “literature + audio”, but the fact that it needs to face is that the entire field has long been difficult to make money.PGC (professional content production) platforms in the industry, such as Himalayan, Dragonfly FM, etc., in audio books, knowledge discovery, cost investment, despite the revenue scale and user scale, but the profitability has been waiting for the test, and can not be listed.UGC (User Content Production) platforms, such as Litchi, etc., although reducing content costs through anchors, communities, etc., have not yet achieved profitability.At the same time, the long audio field faces challenges from shorter videos and live broadcasts with higher efficiency, further squeezing user time.According to data from iResearch, it is estimated that by 2023, the number of online audio users in China will exceed 900 million.At the same time, China is the world’s second largest online audio market after the United States. In 2018, online audio revenue accounted for about 15% of the world’s total, which translates into a compound annual growth rate of 44%.However, analysts have pointed out that although online audio users continue to grow and compounding itself is also improving, online audio platforms still have the phenomenon of increasing revenue but not increasing profits.Sauna, Ye Wang Bai Jinlei editor Wang Jinyu proofreading Yang Xuli

Pound reveals that the Tokyo Olympic Games will be postponed

Pound reveals that the Tokyo Olympic Games will be postponed
In the early hours of March 24, according to US media reports, International Olympic Committee member Dick Pound disclosed in an interview that the International Olympic Committee has decided to participate in the Tokyo Olympics.According to the statement issued by the International Olympic Committee yesterday, each will complete the assessment of the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic on the Tokyo Olympics in the next four weeks, and then make a decision on whether to postpone it.”According to the information currently held by the International Olympic Committee, the gradual Olympics has been decided.The specific specifications have not been fully determined, but I am very clear that the Tokyo Olympics will not open on July 24th.”Dick Pound said.As a senior member of the International Olympic Committee, as early as February 26th, Dick Pound mentioned in an interview with the US media that if the new coronary pneumonia epidemic is not controlled in late May, the Olympics may be cancelled instead of replacing orThe replacement of the meeting place caused an uproar at the time, and the International Olympic Committee must quickly call it again, saying it was just Dick Pound’s personal point of view.After a month, due to the continued deterioration of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the attitude of the Tokyo Olympic Games has been greatly changed in various aspects. The International Olympic Committee, the Japanese government, and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee have expressed their enthusiasm.The possibility of antiques.According to Japanese media reports, the Japanese government has basically decided to notify the International Olympic Committee in the near future. If the International Olympic Committee decides to postpone antiques for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in the future, the Japanese side will reach a consensus.In Dick Pound’s view, following the IOC’s decision to anticipate the Olympics, the follow-up will have a series of impacts, and there are many problems to be solved, “We must follow the procedure step by step.”We will host the Olympics, and then try to resolve the differences in all aspects and bring all the consequences. This is a top priority.”Of course, judging from Dick Pound’s voice a month ago and the reaction of the International Olympic Committee at that time, this latest statement is still his personal opinion.Just one day ago, the International Olympic Committee just stated that it would take 4 weeks to make the final decision. Even if the Olympic Games is already a high probability event, the official official of the International Olympic Committee announced that it will take some time.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Zhang Yunfeng proofread Chen Diyan

CBA company will adopt salary reduction reform, in which the CEO reduces salary by 35%

CBA company will adopt salary reduction reform, in which the CEO reduces salary by 35%
According to the People’s Daily, the China Basketball Association (Beijing) Sports Co., Ltd. (CBA) announced on the 14th that the company’s middle and senior management staff will take measures to reduce wages in response to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. Among them, the company’s CEO (CEO)) Salary reduction of 35%, and salary reduction of directors and above are 15% -30% respectively.CBA stated that it hopes to use the salary cut as a starting point to drive the friendly negotiation of salary cuts throughout the Union and reset the operating pressure of the club to ensure that each CBA family participates smoothly through the epidemic.According to reports from CBA, the league has entered the off-season since February 1, but CBA and various furniture companies still need to continue to spend operating expenses, including player and staff salaries, field rents, etc.With the extension of the offseason, the league and clubs are under severe financial pressure, and multiple planned expenditures are also frozen.The current progressive progress in the prevention and control of chronic diseases has gradually consolidated, and economic and social operations have gradually recovered.At the same time, the international epidemic has continued to spread, and uncertainties have increased significantly.Starting from the overall requirements for epidemic prevention and control, the CBA offseason will continue to be extended, and the financial pressure facing the entire league will be further increased. “Saving expenditure” has become a real task in front of us. Salary reduction is a necessary move to overcome difficulties.Pragmatic action.Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, CBA and various clubs have actively organized and participated in public welfare activities to fight the epidemic, helping the frontline medical staff and social workers, and helping the CBA alliance and the people of the whole country work together to overcome the timeDifficult social responsibility.At the same time, the epidemic situation also tested the risk awareness and bottom line thinking that CBA operations should respond to.In the past two seasons, the reconstruction of a scientific and reasonable player budget system has been the focus of CBA league research.CBA said that the alliance will continue to explore the mechanism of linking the salary cap and the income of the alliance in the near future, and discuss the possibility of dynamic adjustment for uncertain factors of future income, and strengthen the auxiliary role of various insurances for the alliance and athletes.Editor Liu Jiani Source: People’s Daily

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铏剧殑钀ュ吇浠峰€兼槸闈炲父楂樼殑锛岀敓娲讳腑铏剧殑绉嶇被鏈夊緢澶氾紝鍚冭櫨鐨勬椂鍊欎篃鏈夎澶氶渶瑕佹敞鎰忕殑鍦版柟锛屽熀鍥磋櫨鏄瘮杈冨父瑙佺殑涓€绉嶈櫨鐨勭被鍨嬶紝鐧界伡鍩哄洿铏惧緢澶氫汉閮藉悆I ‘m so happy, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m going to catch up with you, I ‘m going to do a lot of dramas.櫎鐨勩€傞偅鐧界伡鍩哄洿铏炬€庝箞鍘昏櫨绾垮憿锛熻鎯呬簡瑙c€?.鍘昏櫨绾块鍏堢敤鎵嬫崗浣忚櫨鐨勮韩浣擄紝鍦ㄤ粠铏剧殑灏鹃儴寮€濮嬫暟鐨勭浜岃妭澶勶紝鎻掑叆闀婂瓙锛屾寫鏂櫨绾裤€傛敞鎰忓湪鎸戞柇涔嬪墠锛屽彲浠ュ皢铏剧殑鏈€鍚庝竴浜岃妭寮竴寮紝鍘嬩竴鍘嬶紝浠ョ‘淇濊櫨鑲犲湪鏈€鍚庝竴鑺傜殑榛戣壊閮ㄥ垎绉诲埌绗簩鑺傜殑鍓嶉潰銆傚皢铏惧ご寰€涓嬫幇锛屽彧瑕佽櫨鏂伴矞锛屼綘鍙互鐪嬪埌铏惧悗棰堥儴鏈夋牴榛戣壊鐨勮櫨绾匡紝骞朵笖鍙互鐪嬪埌铏惧悗鑴戦儴浣嶆湁涓€鍥(iv) Ye Zhenxidaosou Newspaper Qing Zhen Dan Lincuanchaqing Kuifuloujian ╄ River Benyenjiaoqi Hunjingchanguang Xiu Xuan ュ snivel Jian ╄ Chuanbenyenlu York Kuameimeiyun  rather ﹀ great fortune Shou Yakult Jane銆?.铏惧ご鍑稿埡涓€鑸湪铏惧ご涓棿鏈夊嚫璧风殑鍒猴紝杩欎釜鏃跺€欏彧闇€瑕佺敤鍓垁鍦ㄥ埡鐨勪綅瀛愬壀涓€涓彛瀛愶紝鎺ョ潃鍐嶇敤鍓垁鐨勫钩闈㈡妸鏁翠釜鑴戝瓙鎸戝嚭鏉ワ紝鑰岃繖涓椂鍊欒櫨绾垮氨浼氭It’s silicon, silicon and gallium, and it’s a simple umbrella, and it’s a lot of fun, and it’s hard to talk about it, and it’s very difficult to play it together.屾暣銆傛敞鎰忥紝鐢ㄥ壀鍒€鎸戜笉瑕佹妸鑴戝瓙寮勭牬锛屽惁鍒欑殑璇濊櫨绾垮氨鍑轰笉鏉ヤ簡銆傚洜姝ょ敤鍓垁鍓畬鍙e瓙鍚庯紝蹇呴』瑕佺敤鍓瓙鐨勫钩闈㈡寫銆?.鍏朵粬铏剧嚎鏄櫨鐨勮偁閬擄紝濡傛灉浠嬫剰灏卞幓鎺夈€傝櫨绾夸竴鑸憟闈掗粦鑹诧紝閲岄潰鏄櫨鑲犻亾鍐呮畫鐣欑殑鎺掓硠鐗┿€傜悊璁轰笂鏉ヨ锛岀‘瀹炴湁涓€鐐圭偣鑴忥紝鎵€浠ヤ竴鑸缓璁鎶婂畠鍘绘帀鍐Poor?缁忚繃鐑硅皟锛堝仛鐔燂級鍚庯紝铏剧嚎閲岀殑缁嗚弻浼氳楂樻俯鏉€鐏紝鏄畨鍏ㄧ殑锛屽氨鏄彲鑳藉懗閬撲細宸竴浜涳紝姣曠珶寰堝浜哄簲璇ラ兘浼氫粙鎰忕殑銆?

[Can pregnant women eat pigeon eggs]_Recommended diet

[Can pregnant women eat pigeon eggs]_Recommended diet

Compared with eggs, pigeon eggs have rich nutritional value and relatively high protein content, and also play a positive nourishing effect on the human body, providing the nutrients needed by the human body.

During pregnancy, pregnant women need to pay attention to many dietary taboos, so as not to cause certain harm to themselves and obesity. So, can pregnant women eat pigeon eggs?

Pregnant women can certainly eat pigeon eggs.

Pigeon eggs are rich in nutrients. After being consumed by pregnant women, they are sufficient to replenish the nutrients they need, and they can be transferred to the body through the blood circulation of the mother, which is also important for the healthy development of the fetusTo a positive and effective effect.

At the same time, pigeon eggs also have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying.

Especially in summer, a lot of heat is often stored in the human body, which causes the symptoms of anger, which is not good for the fetus.

Appropriate consumption of pigeon eggs can effectively remove the human body’s fire and gas, and can also eliminate the toxic substances remaining in the pregnant woman’s body, thereby clearing the effect of the stomach.

Moreover, for pregnant women, the resistance during pregnancy is poor, and eating pigeon eggs can also enhance the human immune system and reduce the chance of getting sick.

More importantly, it can also enhance the effect of nourishing qi and blood on pregnant women, relieve human fatigue, and make people full.

It can often be cooked directly or served with other ingredients and stews. It is delicious and nutritious.

Therefore, pregnant women can eat pigeon eggs.

Eating pigeon eggs in an appropriate amount can play a positive role both for pregnant women and for the healthy development of the fetus, and is loved by many friends.

In addition, pigeon eggs can also improve the condition of human skin, making its skin more elastic and shiny.

[How to smell delicious tofu]_How to make_delicious

The tweezers are squeezed, the squeezed tins are squeezed, the squeezed tweezers are squeezed, the squeezed squeezed, the squeezed, the squeezed, the squeezed, the squeezed, the squeezed, the squeezed, the squeezed斿钩鏃舵帓鍑虹殑澶т究杩樿闅鹃椈锛屾墍浠ヨ嚟璞嗚厫灏卞儚姒磋幉涓€鏍凤紝鏈夌殑浜哄枩娆紝鏈夌殑浜鸿繙绂伙紝涔板洖鏉ョ殑鑷眴鑵愶紝鏈夌殑鏄敓鐨勶紝涓嶈兘鐩存帴鍚冿紝澶у浼氶€夋嫨鑷繁鍋氬畬鍐嶅悆锛岄偅鑷眴鑵愭€庝箞鐑ф墠鏄渶濂藉悆鐨勩€傝嚜鍒惰嚟璞嗚厫鏉愭枡鐩愰€傞噺锛岃姳妞掔矇閫傞噺锛岃荆妞掗潰閫傞噺锛岄矞妗旂毊灏戣锛岄矞濮滃垏鏈皯璁革紝鐧介厭閫傞噺鍋氭硶1銆佸厛灏嗕拱鍥炵殑椴滆眴鑵愭礂鍑€娌ュ共姘村垎銆?銆 丷 紴 擶 ╁ 悗: The most important thing is to act as a welder, and you will be able to see how many things are going on, and how to do it, how to do it, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do and what to do簲澶╁悗娑ㄩ粍姣涘緟鐢ㄣ€?銆 丸 娑 儑 ㄦ Bag 圮 圮 圴 愬 握 娌 参 掞 掞 溗 鍗 鍗 鍗 鍗 姗姗 委 厔 鎆 銆 姽 峽 峽 劔 現 繆 集 卾 囆殑鏂欑閲屾粴涓€涓嬶紝娌惧寑浣愭枡鏀惧埌鐩橀噷銆?銆佹渶鍚庡皢璞嗚厫鍧楃爜鍏ュ皬鍧涙垨鐜荤拑鐡跺唴锛屽€掑叆鍓╀綑鐨勬枡鍜岄厭锛屾渶鍚庣敤濉戞枡琚嬪皝鍙o紝寰呬竴涓湀鍚庡彂濂藉嵆鍙鐢ㄣ€傚皬璇€绐嶅彲浠ラ暱鏃堕棿鏀剧疆锛屼笖鍛抽亾瓒婁箙瓒婇唶鍘氭祿閮併€傛竻钂歌嚟璞嗚厫鏉愭枡鑷眴鑵愬崄鍧椼€岄鏉愩€嶇尓浜旇姳缁炶倝閫傞噺銆岄鏉愩€嶆瘺璞嗛€傞噺銆岄鏉愩€嶉鑿囧皯璁搞€岄鏉愩€嶈櫨绫冲皯璁搞€岄叡鏂欍€嶇孩绯栦竴姹ゅ寵銆岄叡鏂欍€嶇背閰掍袱姹ゅ寵銆岄叡鏂欍€嶉玻楸奸叡娌逛袱姹ゅ寵銆岄叡鏂欍€嶇礌铓濇补涓€姹ゅ寵銆岄叡鏂欍€嶈儭妞掑皯璁搞€岄叡鏂欍€嶇孩杈f补灏戣銆屼綈鏂欍€嶅灏戣銆屼綈鏂欍€嶅ぇ钂滄暟棰楄懕鏁版牴鍋氭硶澶囧Ε銆岄鏉愩€嶃€併€岄叡鏂欍€嶅強銆屼綈鏂欍€嶃€傚皢浣愭枡涓殑濮滃強澶ц挏鍒囩銆傚皢銆岄鏉愩€嶃€岄叡鏂欍€嶅強銆屼綈鏂欍€嶅厖鍒嗘贩鍚堛€傚皢鑷眴鑵愮疆浜庣涓?浣跨敤鍒€鍏峰皢璞嗚厫鍒掑紑銆傚皢姝ラ2銆岄鏉愩€嶃€岄叡鏂欍€嶅強銆屼綈鏂欍€嶆贩鍚堝悗锛岀疆Are you upset?0 鍒 嗛 挓 銆 傛  Nan?10 points, 10 points, 10 points, 10 seconds, 10 seconds, 10 seconds, 10 minutes, 10 minutes, 10 minutes, 10 minutes, 10 minutes, 10 minutes, 10 minutes, 10 minutes, 10 minutes咦 咝 瓝 頙 頙 頋 閗 揂 揓 揓 呓 歌 倝 230g 銢 熻 嚟 Pu 呜 厫 6 鍅 揮 玮 瓍 彍 1/4 懰 楃 Children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children?Juan 撚 钚 discerning soup 1 揶 у pet 铔?A: Forget the insects A: Read back to Rui Yao?1/2 揶 у petty sorrowful sorrowful adjective: 氱 閰?If you are a fan, then you will be able to use it.This is the best way to get rid of the temperature: ℃, the temperature is too high, the temperature is too high, the temperature is too high, and the world is too busy.1/2 揶 у petty sorrowful sorrowful admiration?/ 2уPopularity of the sorrowful sorrow: The beautiful girl is stunned. The sorrowful sorrowful sorrow sorrowful sorrow sorrowful sorrel硶楂樹附鑿滃垏灏忓潡锛岀孩钀濆崪鍒囩墖鐘跺鐢ㄣ€傚彇涓€鍙爞閿咃紝鐩存帴鏀惧叆灏戣娌瑰皢钂滃ごIf you are a child, you will have a hawthorn tree with a chisel, a chisel, a chisel, a chisel, and a press 600c.C.宸﹀彸锛岀叜婊氳浆灏忕伀闂风叜鎴愭堡澶淬€傚皢楦¤兏鑲夊墎纰庯紝鍙?What are you talking about? How to identify the soup? The soup is forged? The forging insect is Adifeng. What is it?鑷眴鑵愭帎纰庢椂鎸ゅ嚭鐨勬按浠借涓€璧疯繘鍏ラ鏂欎腑銆傚皢娣峰悎濂界殑棣呮枡瑁呭叆澶х殑濉戣兌琚嬩腑锛岃交杞荤敤鏉嗛潰妫嶅帇杩囷紝杩欐牱鍙互鎶婃病鏈夋帎纰庣殑鑷眴鑵愬帇鐑傝€屾洿瀹规槗鍜岄鏂欐贩鍚堝潎鍖€銆傚彇閫傞噺棣呮枡杞荤敥鎵撴垚涓稿瓙鐘跺悗涓嬫补閿呬腑娓╂补鐐搞€傜偢鍒拌〃闈㈤噾榛Do you want to squeeze in and shove, and rush to rush to sue for help? 優 囩 囩 啤 銆 Effective 啪 镡  叜 姹 ゅ ご 鋄 刞 鑌 呑 煏 灏?What are you doing? What are you going to do? Do you have any questions? Do you have any questions? Do you have any questions?0鍒嗛挓鍚庡ソ鍚冪殑鑷眴鑵愰浮鑲変父瀛愬氨瀹屾垚浜嗐€?

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Sorry, I’m so happy, I’m sorry, I’ll borrow it
妗旀鏈変簺浜烘瘮杈冪啛鎮夛紝瀹冨睘浜庝竴绉嶆瘮杈冩湁瑙傝祻浠峰€肩殑妞嶇墿銆傚畠鏈変竴瀹氱殑鑽敤浠峰€硷紝灞炰簬涓崏鑽殑涓€绉嶏紝鍦ㄦ不鐤楀捊鍠夌値鏂归潰鐨勬晥鏋滄槸涓嶉敊鐨勶紝鍙互鐢ㄦ潵娉℃按鍠濓紝鑳藉缂撹В鍜藉枆鑲跨棝锛屽湪瀹h偤娉勯偑鏂归潰鐨勬晥鏋滀篃寰堝ソ锛屽鏋滃拰鍏朵粬鐨勪竴浜涜嵂鏉愭潵閰嶅悎锛岃兘寰堝ソ鐨勬竻鐑В姣掔殑浣滅敤锛屾垜浠潵浜嗚В涓€涓嬪畠鐨勫姛鏁堝拰浣滅敤銆傛姊楃墖鐨勫姛鏁堜笌浣滅敤妗旀锛屾姊楃妗旀灞炴鐗╋紝姘斿井锛屽懗寰敎鍚庣◢鑻︺€傚骞寸敓鑽夋湰锛屽彾瀛愬嵉褰㈡垨鍗电姸鎶拡褰紝钃濊壊鎴栨殫绱櫧鑹诧紝鍙綔瑙傝祻鑺卞崏;鏈濋矞鏃忎汉鐢ㄤ綔閲庤彍椋熺敤;鍏舵牴鍙叆鑽紝鏈夋鍜崇鐥般€佸鑲恒€佹帓鑴撶瓑浣滅敤銆傜敤浜庡挸鍡界棸澶氥€佸捊鍠夎偪鐥涖€佽偤鐥堝悙鑴?鐢ㄤ簬鑳告弧鐥涖€佺棦鐤捐吂鐥涖€佸彛鑸岀敓鐤?鐢ㄤ簬鐩偪鐥涖€佸皬闂瓑鐥囩姸妗旀鐗囩殑浣滅敤锛氬挸鍡界棸澶氾紝鑳搁椃涓嶇晠銆傛湰鍝佽緵鏁o紝鑻︽硠锛屽紑鑲烘皵锛岀鐥帮紝鏃犺瀵掔儹鐨嗗彲搴旂敤銆傞瀵掕€咃紝閰嶇传鑻忋€佹潖浠侊紝濡傛潖鑻忔暎(銆婃俯鐥呮潯杈ㄣ€?;椋庣儹鑰咃紝閰嶆鍙躲€佽強鑺便€佹潖浠侊紝濡傛鑿婇ギ(銆婃俯鐥呮潯杈ㄣ€?;鐥版粸鑳革紝甯搁厤鏋冲3鐢ㄣ€傚捊鍠夎偪鐥涳紝澶遍煶銆傛湰鍝佽兘瀹h偤娉勯偑浠ュ埄鍜藉紑闊炽€傚嚒澶栭偑鐘偤锛屽捊鐥涘け闊宠€咃紝甯搁厤鐢樿崏銆佺墰钂″瓙绛夌敤锛屽妗旀姹?銆婇噾鍖鐣ャ€?Auntie?銆婂尰瀛﹀績鎮熴€?銆傛不鍜藉枆鑲跨棝锛岀儹姣掔洓鑰咃紝鍙厤灏勫共銆侀┈鍕冦€佹澘钃濇牴绛変互娓呯儹瑙f瘨鍒╁捊銆傝嵂鐞嗕綔鐢ㄦ墍鍚殑妗旀鐨傝嫹瀵瑰彛鑵斻€佸捊鍠夐儴浣嶃€佽儍绮樿啘鐨勭洿鎺ュ埡婵€锛屽弽灏勬€у湴澧炲姞鏀皵绠$矘鑶滃垎娉屼孩杩涗粠鑰屼娇鐥版恫绋€閲婏紝鏄撲簬鎺掑嚭;妗旀鏈夐晣鍜充綔鐢紝鏈夊It ‘s hard to succumb to the sorrows of the elder sisters. Do you want to harm the sorrows?  尋 友 楉 浼?姘存彁鐗╄兘澧炲己宸ㄥ櫖缁嗚優鐨勫悶鍣姛鑳斤紝澧炲己涓€х櫧缁嗚優鐨勬潃鑿屽姏锛屾彁楂樻憾鑿岄叾娲绘€?瀵瑰簲婵€鎬ф簝鐤℃湁棰勯槻浣滅敤銆傛姊楃矖鐨傝嫹鏈夐晣闈欍€侀晣鐥涖€佽В鐑綔鐢紝鍙堣兘闄嶈绯栥€侀檷鑳嗗浐閱囷紝鏉惧紱骞虫粦鑲屻€傛姊楃殏鑻锋湁寰堝己鐨勬憾琛€浣滅敤锛屼絾鍙f湇鑳藉湪娑堝寲閬撲腑鍒嗚В鐮村潖鑰屽け鍘绘憾琛€浣滅敤銆?

[My girlfriend actually made me go through the back door]

[My girlfriend actually made me “go through the back door”]

Many girls do not accept anal sex, and have little to do with psychological pressure. It is because anal sex causes the malignant expansion of the anal dilatation muscles, which is induced by pain. After this pain, girls will have sexual enjoyment.

Getting girls into anal sex is how to get them through this painful stage.

But I don’t think there is a girl who is willing to endure this painful experience for boys in general.

So letting girls accept anal sex is actually a process of “counting”.

The first step in this strategy is to always mention your desire for anal sex, and always tell your girlfriend that anal sex will bring sexual pleasure.

This creates a concept in the mind of the girl, your biggest wish is anal sex, and maybe there is really pleasure.

Of course, sometimes your girlfriend may give you a try under your repeated requests and explanations, but once you start to expand her anus, she will definitely stop you because of headaches.

Don’t worry, just stop and just let her have the concept that your biggest wish is anal sex.

The next step is to wait for the opportunity to create it, so the opportunity requires certain conditions, not every boy can encounter.

However, if you are a veteran in love, you will always have a chance.

The two methods introduced below are both effective and allow you to achieve your goals.

(1) If the girl loves you very much, you have a chance.

When are girls willing to sacrifice everything to fulfill your sexual fantasies?

This is when the girl knows you are leaving for another new girlfriend.

At this time you make your request again to find an excuse to explain why you want to leave her, most of the time the girl will promise you.

When the old girlfriend agreed to your request, you said to your new girlfriend in turn that she had promised me anal sex, and I was not good at abandoning her. At this time, your new girlfriend must be jealous and say, “She can doI can do it too, and let you do that, will you be OK with me?

“You said,” Of course, you want me to do that. What else do I have for her?

“It turned out that you had two anal sex at once, wasn’t it great?

Of course, you don’t have to think about whether you pitted your girlfriend, because once your girlfriend has overcome the painful stage, she really begins to enjoy the orgasm.

After the incident, she didn’t think it was just sacrificing you.

(2) The second method is to use the so-called sm game.

This is very popular in the West. For wives and wives, playing sex games is the only way to stay fresh.

Everyone may have seen it in the movie. The simplest sex game is to help his girlfriend limbs on the bed with a very thick and soft rope.

Girls are particularly comfortable accepting normal sexual intercourse under the condition that their limbs are bound, and have a feeling of being alive.

If you usually play this kind of amusement, you can have a lot of opportunities for your girlfriend to accept anal sex, because then she will cry nothing and useless, you are forcing her to pass the pain level.

The clinical basis of using these methods is that after the painful period of anal sex, girls will really enjoy the orgasm brought by anal sex.

What you do is to overcome the pain, and your original intention is for the sexual pleasure of your girlfriend.

So don’t blame yourself for your thoughts and practices, you are normal.

After the first few pains, the girl’s ability to expand the anus is greatly strengthened, and anal sex will be considered a normal sexual activity in the future.

However, pay attention to anal sex: (1) You must get something lubricious, such as shampoo.

(2) Do not bring secretions from the anus into the vagina, so vaginal sex is usually first, after the girlfriend reaches an orgasm, then anal sex, and then ends.

[How to make celery fragrant dried]_Home made celery fragrant dried _Cooked celery fragrant dried _How to make celery fragrant dried

[How to make celery fragrant dried]_Home made celery fragrant dried _Cooked celery fragrant dried _How to make celery fragrant dried

For those who are just entering the marriage hall, are they a little worried?

Because everything was prepared by my parents since I was young, now I have to do it myself, isn’t it very unaccustomed?

Especially cooking and cooking.

Don’t worry, let Xiaobian introduce the method of celery and dried celery.


12 Prepare the ingredients.


21 Carrots shredded, fragrant dried and thinly sliced.


Pick and wash the celery and cut the stem into sections.


Boil the water in the pot, pour the celery into the simmered water and remove the drain.


Carrot shreds water.


Fragrant dried water.


Seasoned celery, carrots, and dried fragrant in a bowl, season with salt, sugar, balsamic vinegar, oil, and sesame oil.


Add cooked sesame seeds and mix well.

If you want to improve your cooking skills, of course, you can’t avoid a lot of practice. Today, Xiaobian believes that the cold celery fragrant dried seeds introduced by friends who like to cook are very suitable for practicing.Try it.

[Bacteria cannot be eaten with anything]_How to eat_Diet taboo

涓嶅皯浜鸿繕涓嶅お鐔熸倝鑿屽瓙锛屽畠鍏跺疄灏辨槸閲庣敓铇戣弴鐨勫埆绉般€傝弻瀛愬湪椋熺敤鏃舵湁璁稿闇€瑕佹敞鎰忕殑鍦版柟銆傛瘮濡傝锛屽畠涓嶅彲浠ュ拰涓€浜涢鏉愪竴鍚岄鐢紝鍚﹀垯灏辨湁鍙兘浼氱粰鎴戜滑澶у鐨勮韩浣撳仴搴峰甫鏉ヤ激瀹炽€傛瘮濡傝锛岄噹鐢熻弻灏变笉鑳藉悓娴烽矞涓€璧峰悆锛屽洜涓烘捣椴滀笌閲庣敓鑿屽湪涓€璧锋椂浼氫骇鐢熷寲瀛﹀弽搴旓紝浠庤€屽浜轰綋鍋ュ悍甯︽潵鍗卞锛屼弗閲嶆椂锛岃繕鍙嚭鐜伴鐗╀腑姣掔幇璞°€備竴銆佽弻瀛愪笉鑳藉拰浠€涔堜竴璧峰悆1.涓嶈兘鍜岄箤楣戣倝涓€璧峰悆鑿屽瓙涓庨箤楣戣倝椋熺墿鐩稿厠,涓嶅疁涓庨箤楣戣倝鍚岄,鍚﹀垯闈㈤儴鏄撻暱榛戞枒銆傚悓鐞嗛箤楣戣泲涔熶笉鑳藉拰鑿屽瓙涓€璧峰悆銆傝弻瀛愬拰楣岄箲鑲変竴璧烽鐢紝涓嶄粎浼氫娇涓ょ椋熺墿鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊奸檷浣庯紝杩樹細浣胯劯涓婇暱榛戞枒锛岀埍缇庣殑鏈嬪弸鍗冧竾瑕佽浣忥紝杩欎袱绉嶉鐗╂槸涓嶅彲浠ュ悓椋熺殑鍝︺€?.When Bo Bo went to visit Libi Peak, it was chiseled, and that Bobo went to visit Bibi Peak, so that the chain was very busy, and D, Huai, Deng, and D.,涓よ€呬竴璧烽鐢?浼氫娇浜轰綋涓殑缁寸敓绱燚鍚噺杩囬珮,閫犳垚閽欒川澧炲姞,闀挎湡椋熺敤鏄撳紩璧风粨鐭崇棁鐘躲€?.I ‘m going to go to the top of the mountain and read the peaks of the mountains and the mountains and the mountains and the mountains and the mountains and the mountains and the mountains and the mountains; the lawsuits and the lawsuits are very detailed and detailed.岄噸鑰呮浜°€?.What’s going on, what’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on?闄嶄綆钀ュ吇浠峰€笺€傞鑿囧惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑鐢熺墿鍖栧鐗╄川,涓庡惈鏈夌被鑳¤悵鍗滅礌鐨勭暘鑼勫悓椋?氼 氱 牬 鍧 鍧 嗸 咸 咬 咍 咍 咍  殑 绫 璫 咭 咆 廪 绱?浣胯惀鍏讳环鍊奸檷浣庛€備簩銆侀噹鐢熻弻娉ㄦ剰浜嬮」1.What is the difference between the reading of the chimney and the changing of the chimney?Do you want to check it out? Do you want to check it out? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it?鏈€濂芥瘡娆¢鐢ㄤ竴绉嶉噹鐢熻弻锛岄槻姝骇鐢熷寲瀛﹀弽搴斻€?。The reading and writing are inconspicuous, and the wind is very strong, and the wind and the wind are very rugged, and the wind and the wind are in the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind嶅簲,娌℃瘨鐨勮弻瀛愪篃鍙樻垚鏈夋瘨鐨勪簡銆傚姞宸ョ殑鏃跺€欎竴瀹氳灏忓績,鍍忛鐢ㄧ墰鑲濊弻,鏈€濂界殑鍔炴硶灏辨槸鍏堢叜鐔熶竴涓?闶 嘃 阨 Houke 噺 諺?浠ュ噺灏戜腑姣掑彂鐢熺殑鍙兘鎬с€?。骞虫椂鍘诲競鍦轰拱閲庣敓鑿岀殑鏃跺€?鏈€濂戒拱鏇惧悆杩囩殑鑰屼笖鏄病鏈夊彂鐢熻繃鍗遍櫓鐨勯噹鐢熻弻,娌″彂鐢熶换浣曞嵄闄╃殑鑿屽瓙,涔版潵鍚庡簲鐐掔啛鐐掗€忓悗鍐嶅悆銆?.鍚冭弻鏃朵笉瑕佸枬閰掋€傝櫧鐒舵湁鐨勯噹鐢熻弻鏃犳瘨,浣嗛噹鐢熻弻涓湁鐨勬煇浜涙垚鍒嗕細涓庨厭涓墍鍚殑涔欓唶鍙戠敓鍖栧鍙嶅簲,鐢熸垚姣掔礌寮曡捣涓瘨,鍥犳,椋熺敤閲庣敓鑿屾椂鏈€濂戒笉瑕侀ギ閰掞紝闃叉瀵逛汉鐨勫仴搴烽€犳垚濞佽儊銆?.鍚冨畬鑿屽悗濡傛劅涓嶉€?鏈夋伓蹇冦€佸ご鏅曘€佸憰鍚愩€佺湅涓滆タ涓嶆槑鎴栧够瑙嗐€佸够鍚棁鐘跺簲绔嬪嵆鍓嶅線鍖婚櫌娌荤枟What is it?搴旂珛鍗抽噰鐢ㄧ畝鏄撶殑鏂规硶鍜屽鏄撴壘鍒扮殑鑽墿,杩涜鍌悙銆佹礂鑳冦€佸娉绘垨鐏岃偁绛夊鐞嗐€?