How is the treatment of urinary frequency in the elderly?

Now that the weather is getting cold, the urinating at night is very easy to cause a cold, and can cause other diseases. Experts introduce a very simple, no need to spend money, can improve the frequency of urination, and the quality of sleep is very good,Basically, you can guarantee that you will sleep for six hours. Within 30 minutes after the completion of this health care (fast fifteen minutes), you will fall asleep. At the same time, this health care method is also good for friends with coronary heart disease.Preventive care (and the feeling of strength when walking with both legs).

  This method is completely in line with the theory of Chinese medicine. It is impossible to check it out as long as it is done (it is impossible to expect it to be effective immediately after one or two days). It is guaranteed to be effective. It is introduced as follows: To the medical (or medical equipment) store, spend tenBinary buy a small sputum for percussion, once a day in the morning and evening, each acupuncture beat 200 times, all takes about 20 minutes to complete, then go to sleep after the completion, the acupuncture points are: 1.

The old palace hole with both hands.


Yongquan points on both feet.


The hand is like the inner point of the three fingers.


The great mausoleum behind the palm.

(This hole just started to beat hard, because it is very painful, after passing, it is good, in the process of knocking, there is hemp.

Acid, sensation of swelling and radiation to the five fingers, the following points have this reaction).


The Baihui Point at the top of the head (just started to beat the special pain, it will be fine).


The small door behind the palm of the gods.

The beat is the same as above.

  Doing it before going to sleep at night, doing it before getting up in the morning, old friends don’t go to work, some are time, both cure the disease and get health care, and don’t spend money and why not?

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Because these acupuncture points are some well-functioning points.

It’s just that people don’t realize it.