CBA releases basketball teaching courses, cba basketball lessons, some player stars appear _1

CBA releases basketball teaching courses
CBA released basketball teaching courses. Some star players appeared in cba basketball classes. Yesterday, the CBA league officially launched CBA a fresh basketball class. This is the first time the CBA league has released the official basketball teaching courses. Guo Ailun, Hu Mingxuan, Wang Shaojie, Shen Zijie, Zhai Xiaochuan and other CBAThe stars have brought their own secret skills.  The first course was participated by Liaoning team star Guo Ailun. He will combine his actual combat case on the field to analyze and explain his own European step movements. The signboard action at the bottom of the box is decomposed by frame by frame, all-round, Multi-angle, multi-site display.In addition, fans and fans can challenge Guo Ailun in the form of short videos.  In addition to Guo Ailun, Hu Mingxuan, Wang Shaojie, Shen Zijie, Zhai Xiaochuan and other CBA star courses will also be launched one after another, bringing their own basketball skills.A CBA fresh basketball lesson will be broadcast on CCTV, Migu Video, Tencent Sports, Youku Sports and other platforms to meet the content needs of the fans and basketball fans during the outbreak.  The course is filmed and recorded by a professional team. In addition to the 3-minute professional version, a 1-minute entertainment version is launched each time, and the team style and city culture are displayed through scene arrangements. Original title: CBA League releases basketball teaching courses