2014 Badminton World Championships-Chen Long defeated Li Zongwei and won the men’s singles championship for the first time (picture)_1

2014 Badminton World Championships-Chen Long defeated Li Zongwei and won the men’s singles championship for the first time (picture)
Beijing time, September 1, news, 2014 World Badminton Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark ended the men’s singles finals, Chen Long wished to win his first world championship.In the final against top seed Li Zongwei, Chen Long defeated Li Zongwei with two 21-19 wins after an hour and 8 minutes of hard work. Chen Long won the World Championship singles championship for the first time, and the Chinese team also achieved 7 consecutive championships in the World Championship men’s singles.  The top two seeds of the tournament, Li Zongwei and Chen Long, met in the men’s singles final. The two met 17 times in the international arena, and Li Zongwei’s 9 wins and 8 losses slightly prevailed.This year, the two men played 3 games. Chen Long had 1 win and 2 losses. One of the defeats was the final of the All England Open.After the start of the game, the two surrounded the fight, and the game evenly scored. Li Zongwei had led by 2 points, but Chen Long quickly overtake.After 9 draws, Chen Long resisted the steady defense to block Li Zongwei’s offensive. The slightly impatient Li Zongwei turnovers increased, and Chen Long scored 4 points to lead 13-9.  After achieving a 16-11 lead, Chen Long relaxed somewhat, Li Zongwei continued to speed up, he set off a climax and successfully chased 19 levels.At the critical moment, Chen Long proposed to change the ball, he scored an important point to get the game.The two sides formed a multi-shot competition and fought a small ball in front of the net. Chen Long used the rhythm change to get a chance in front of the net. He seized the opportunity to blockade and kill in front of the net. 21 to 19.  After the start of the second game, Chen Long led 2-1. He returned to the sideline and the referee awarded a penalty out of bounds. Chen Long challenged Hawkeye.Slow motion showed that the ball was fully pressed on the line, and Chen Long led 3-1.After Li Zongwei’s attack was not sharp enough, Chen Long seized the opportunity and took two points to expand his advantage to 5 points.After the score was 10-4, Li Zongwei obviously strengthened the offense. He also paid attention to the changes in the offense. After killing the ball, he chose to release the net to mobilize Chen Long.Chen Long withstood the pressure and scored 1 point. He led 11 to 9 and scored 2 points to break into the inning.  Back on the court, Li Zongwei set off an offensive, and he tied evenly with two points.Chen Long then scored a two-point lead, but Li Zongwei won by three points in a row.Chen Long, who lost his lead, did not panic. He quickly responded with 3 points and regained the lead with 17-15.Both sides scored 1 point, Chen Long had a good chance to expand the score, but he was eager to throw the ball in the backcourt but instead made a mistake, Li Zongwei trailed 17-18.At this time, Long’s attack was more determined, relying on the bottom line to jump up and attack brilliantly, he led again by 2 points.Li Zongwei regained one more point, but Chen Long scored another point after resisting the tenacious defense to win the counterattack after multiple shots. 20 to 18, his championship point appeared.  Li Zongwei withstood the pressure to resolve the first crisis. He was good at killing his head with his head, 19 to 20.At this time, the goddess of fortune stood on the side of Chen Long. He put a small ball in front of the net and a lucky roll of tennis. Li Zongwei panicly rescued the ball. Chen Long closed the net and was 21 to 19. Chen Long scored the match point to 20 defeated Li Zongwei to win the world championship for the first time. After winning the game, Chen Long excitedly ran to the sidelines and embraced with coach Xia Xuanze. Afterwards, he knelt down to celebrate the victory.(Chimera)